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Irritated Koala was a small patch released on December 5th, 2013. It was deployed the day after the games initial beta launch and was primarily bug fixes identified from public release.

It was announced and changes were detailed on the developer blog shortly after release.[1]


  • Massively reducing the Pixel cost (sometimes eliminating it entirely) on early weapons/armor.
  • You can build a Refinery in later tiers to turn ores of all kinds into pixels.
  • Monsters now have a small chance to drop meat when killed with normal weapons.
  • You can no longer teleport to another players ship from underground.
  • Bandages are now craftable with 4 Plant Fibres, no longer require fabric
  • Fix Human starter chest showing Apex starter items.
  • Monsters now have a 70% chance to drop Raw Steak when killed with a hunting weapon, up from 50%.
  • Make guards you’ve summoned refer to you as their boss.
  • Make the Refinery appear earlier in the game.
  • Reduced fuel costs a bit to go to other planets.
  • Tweaked wording of starter quests to encourage exploring of more planets.
  • Added Hunting Knife weapon that also makes monsters drop meat.
  • Added new legendary weapon.
  • Pixel loss on death reduced to 20% for testing, might change further.
  • Silver visibility increased.
  • Added new armor that provides a good amount of warmth early on in the game at the sacrifice of armor levels
  • Tweaked the UFO boss to make him smash blocks.
    • Also make him a little bit easier by changing him to level 9 from level 10.
  • Revamping the warmth bar to make it more obvious.[2] (suggestion by thedbp on reddit)
  • Increased mining speed a little.
  • Added numbers above the hotbar slots.
  • Craftable climbing ropes!
  • Make sure hunger bar is always shown when eating food
  • Make hunger bar display when the alt key is held down
  • Added a dumb, quick way to advance through some of the tier 4-10 content (armors, weapons), just for fun.
  • Fixed a bug where minibosses over level 11 were not dropping the rare items they were supposed to be dropping. They now drop guns. (Thank you to <ippia> for finding this)
  • UFOs should hopefully not fly off anymore, they were actually flying off to attack birds!
  • Tons of bug fixes