Plant Fibre

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Plant Fibre.png

A set of plant fibres.

Plant Fibre is a crafting material used for furniture, blocks, and a variety of useful crafting recipes, including bandages and woven fabric.

Plant fibre is obtained by cutting vines in caves, cutting giant flowers from the Giant Flower Mini Biome, cutting thick growth in Jungle biomes, and by harvesting crops. It can also be harvested from Fluffalo, which can be hatched from eggs purchasable from Terramart.

Upon picking up plant fibre for the first time, SAIL will send the following message:

You discovered some plant fibre. This can be woven into useful fabrics at a spinning wheel.

Ingredient for

Alien Bed Icon.png Alien Bed 25
Alien Chair Icon.png Alien Chair 15
Alien Door Icon.png Alien Door 25
Alien Table Icon.png Alien Table 25
Bamboo Icon.png Bamboo (50) 5
Rope Icon.png Rope 2
Heart Wreath Icon.png Heart Wreath 20
Woven Fabric Icon.png Woven Fabric 4
Flare Icon.png Flare (2) 2
Flower Bouquet Icon.png Flower Bouquet 30
Flower Block Icon.png Flower Block (50) 1
Giant Flower Bed Icon.png Giant Flower Bed 15
Giant Flower Chair Icon.png Giant Flower Chair 5
Giant Flower Chest Icon.png Giant Flower Chest 5
Giant Flower Door Icon.png Giant Flower Door 5
Giant Flower Lamp Icon.png Giant Flower Lamp 5
Giant Flower Table Icon.png Giant Flower Table 10
Mossy Packed Dirt Icon.png Mossy Packed Dirt (50) 2
Moving Sunflower Icon.png Moving Sunflower 10
Petal Block Icon.png Petal Block (50) 1
Floral Fountain Icon.png Floral Fountain 20
Plant Block Icon.png Plant Block (10) 1
Plant Matter Icon.png Plant Matter (15) 1
Mossy Platform Icon.png Mossy Platform (10) 1
Wood Platform Icon.png Wood Platform (10) 1
Ruins Platform Icon.png Ruins Platform (10) 5
Salve Icon.png Salve 4
Scarecrow Icon.png Scarecrow 40
Shroom Lamp Icon.png Shroom Lamp 10
String Icon.png String 2
Swamp Chair Icon.png Swamp Chair 2
Swamp Chest Icon.png Swamp Chest 2
Swamp Cot Icon.png Swamp Cot 40
Thatch Icon.png Thatch (50) 5
Toxic Chair Icon.png Toxic Chair 40
Toxic Chest Icon.png Toxic Chest 60
Toxic Lamp Icon.png Toxic Lamp 40
Hanging Toxic Lamp Icon.png Hanging Toxic Lamp 20
Toxic Table Icon.png Toxic Table 80
Wicker Icon.png Wicker (50) 5
Wicker Support Block Icon.png Wicker Support Block (30) 5
Ornate Platform Icon.png Ornate Platform (10) 1
Yellow Stim Pack Icon.png Yellow Stim Pack 4



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem plantfibre
File Name plantfibre.item
File Path assets\items\generic\crafting