Woven Fabric

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Woven Fabric Icon.png
Woven Fabric
Crafting Material
Woven Fabric.png

A small square of woven fabric.


Woven Fabric is a crafting material refined from plant fibre at a Spinning Wheel. It can also be bought from the Infinity Express at the outpost.

It is used as a crafting component for clothing, tier 1 armor, beds, flags, and many other items.

Ingredient for

Commander Jacket Icon.png Commander Jacket 20
Commander Trousers Icon.png Commander Trousers 10
Navy Jacket Icon.png Navy Jacket 20
Navy Trousers Icon.png Navy Trousers 10
Officer Jacket Icon.png Officer Jacket 20
Officer Trousers Icon.png Officer Trousers 10
Specialist Jacket Icon.png Specialist Jacket 20
Specialist Trousers Icon.png Specialist Trousers 10
Defector's Chestguard Icon.png Defector's Chestguard 5
Defector's Mask Icon.png Defector's Mask 5
File:Defector's Trousers Icon.png Defector's Trousers 2
Leather Loincloth Icon.png Leather Loincloth 10
Leather Breastplate Icon.png Leather Breastplate 20
Hide Skirt Icon.png Hide Skirt 10
Hide Shirt Icon.png Hide Shirt 20
Ornate Shirt Icon.png Ornate Shirt 20
Ornate Loincloth Icon.png Ornate Loincloth 10
Hatchling's Breastplate Icon.png Hatchling's Breastplate 5
Hatchling's Circlet Icon.png Hatchling's Circlet 5
Hatchling's Loincloth Icon.png Hatchling's Loincloth 2
Worker Skirt Icon.png Worker Skirt 10
Worker Shirt Icon.png Worker Shirt 20
Bandage Icon.png Bandage 2
Boxing Glove Icon.png Boxing Glove 5
Casual Cardigan Icon.png Casual Cardigan 20
Casual Shorts Icon.png Casual Shorts 10
Stylish Jacket Icon.png Stylish Jacket 20
Stylish Bottoms Icon.png Stylish Bottoms 10
Craftsmen Shirt Icon.png Craftsmen Shirt 20
Craftsmen Trousers Icon.png Craftsmen Trousers 10
Cultist Banner Icon.png Cultist Banner 10
Cupid's Wings Icon.png Cupid's Wings 20
Cupid's Sash Icon.png Cupid's Sash 20
Cupid's Diaper Icon.png Cupid's Diaper 20
Eye Bed Icon.png Eye Bed 10
Dastardly Eyepatch Icon.png Dastardly Eyepatch 10
Apex Flag Icon.png Apex Flag 20
Avian Flag Icon.png Avian Flag 20
Floran Flag Icon.png Floran Flag 20
Glitch Flag Icon.png Glitch Flag 20
Human Flag Icon.png Human Flag 20
Hylotl Flag Icon.png Hylotl Flag 20
Novakid Flag Icon.png Novakid Flag 20
Furnivour Chest Icon.png Furnivour Chest 20
Furnivour Legs Icon.png Furnivour Legs 10
Savage Chest Icon.png Savage Chest 20
Savage Legs Icon.png Savage Legs 10
Leaf Chest Icon.png Leaf Chest 20
Leaf Legs Icon.png Leaf Legs 10
Pelt Chest Icon.png Pelt Chest 20
Pelt Legs Icon.png Pelt Legs 10
Survivalist Chest Icon.png Survivalist Chest 20
Survivalist Legs Icon.png Survivalist Legs 10
Sprout's Chestguard Icon.png Sprout's Chestguard 5
Sprout's Circlet Icon.png Sprout's Circlet 5
Sprout's Anklets Icon.png Sprout's Anklets 2
Giant Bow Icon.png Giant Bow 5
Giant Flower Bed Icon.png Giant Flower Bed 10
Knave's Breastplate Icon.png Knave's Breastplate 5
Knave's Helm Icon.png Knave's Helm 5
File:Knave's Trousers Icon.png Knave's Trousers 2
Glow Bed Icon.png Glow Bed 10
Glow Chair Icon.png Glow Chair 3
Scouter's Chestguard Icon.png Scouter's Chestguard 5
Scouter's Visor Icon.png Scouter's Visor 5
Scouter's Greaves Icon.png Scouter's Greaves 2
Puddle Chestguard Icon.png Puddle Chestguard 5
Puddle Hat Icon.png Puddle Hat 5
Puddle Pants Icon.png Puddle Pants 2
Industrial Bed Icon.png Industrial Bed 10
Kimono Shirt Icon.png Kimono Shirt 20
Kimono Skirt Icon.png Kimono Skirt 10
Merchant Shirt Icon.png Merchant Shirt 20
Merchant Trousers Icon.png Merchant Trousers 10
Mining Helmet Icon.png Mining Helmet 5
Molotov Icon.png Molotov (3) 3
Monk Shirt Icon.png Monk Shirt 20
Monk Skirt Icon.png Monk Skirt 10
Mushroom Hat Icon.png Mushroom Hat 5
Noble Shirt Icon.png Noble Shirt 20
Noble Trousers Icon.png Noble Trousers 10
Formal Pants Icon.png Formal Pants 10
Gunslinger Jacket Icon.png Gunslinger Jacket 20
Gunslinger Pants Icon.png Gunslinger Pants 10
Rustler Jacket Icon.png Rustler Jacket 20
Rustler Cut-offs Icon.png Rustler Cut-offs 10
Suspender Shirt Icon.png Suspender Shirt 20
Suspender Pants Icon.png Suspender Pants 10
Formal Waistcoat Icon.png Formal Waistcoat 20
Deputy's Vest Icon.png Deputy's Vest 5
Deputy's Hat Icon.png Deputy's Hat 5
Deputy's Slacks Icon.png Deputy's Slacks 2
Peasant Shirt Icon.png Peasant Shirt 20
Peasant Trousers Icon.png Peasant Trousers 10
Rusty Bed Icon.png Rusty Bed 10
Scarecrow Icon.png Scarecrow 20
Shroom Bed Icon.png Shroom Bed 10
Stone Bed Icon.png Stone Bed 10
Stone Chair Icon.png Stone Chair 3
Swamp Bed Icon.png Swamp Bed 10
Sweater Vest Icon.png Sweater Vest 20
Shorts Icon.png Shorts 10
Teddy Bear Icon.png Teddy Bear 20
Iron Bed Icon.png Iron Bed 10
Tungsten Bed Icon.png Tungsten Bed 10
Titanium Bed Icon.png Titanium Bed 10
Durasteel Bed Icon.png Durasteel Bed 10
Traditional Shirt Icon.png Traditional Shirt 20
Traditional Trousers Icon.png Traditional Trousers 10
Trainee Shirt Icon.png Trainee Shirt 20
Trainee Trousers Icon.png Trainee Trousers 10
Plain T-Shirt Icon.png Plain T-Shirt 20
Wooden Bed Icon.png Wooden Bed 10
Sleeveless Top Icon.png Sleeveless Top 20
Sweatpants Icon.png Sweatpants 10



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem fabric
File Name fabric.item
File Path assets\items\generic\crafting