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The liquid in this bottle is highly flammable.

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Molotov is a throwable weapon that is craftable, sold by Frogg Merchant and can be found inside chests, usually in bundles of 3.

Once a Molotov is thrown, it will cause a fire at its location of impact which will inflict damage and cause a burning status effect to be applied. The bottle itself and the initial explosion have a base power of 12, and each of the 10 flames released when the bottle explodes has a base power of 0.6, lasts for 10 seconds, pierces through enemies, and is immediately destroyed on contact with water. There is a 1.5-second delay between consecutive Molotov throws with the same hand; if the bottle, explosion and flames all hit the same enemy once and burning damage is neglected, this weapon deals 30 base damage per bottle thrown, producing a base one-handed DPS of 20.

After first looting this weapon, players will automatically learn the crafting schematic.

Status Effects


  • The flames of the molotov do not burn flammable materials, unlike Cinder Showers.



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem molotov
File Name molotov.thrownitem
File Path assets\items\throwables