Ball of Gnomes

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Ball of Gnomes
Throwable Item
Ball of Gnomes.png

Toss these little guys to do the fighting for you.

Ball of Gnomes is a throwable item that can be dropped when buildings are destroyed in the Mini Village mini-biome.

Ball of Gnomes scatters into 7 small 'gnomes' that deal a small amount of damage to players or enemies when thrown. Each individual gnome has a base power of 3.25, and there is a 0.8-second delay between consecutive throws with the same hand, producing a base one-handed DPS of 28.4375 if all seven gnomes hit enemies (if only one gnome per throw hits an enemy, effective DPS is instead 4.0625).



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem throwinggnome
File Name throwinggnome.thrownitem
File Path assets\items\throwables