Thorn Grenade

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Thorn Grenade
Throwable Item
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Scary what one can achieve with a fruit and a bit of volatile powder.

Thorn Grenade is a throwable item that can be found in chests. They can be found in chests in Savannah biomes.

When thrown, Thorn Grenades explode on contact with enemies, on hitting a solid surface after bouncing once, or after 3 seconds, releasing a burst of 16 thorns. Each thorn has a base power of 4, and the explosion produced by the grenade has a base power of 20. Theoretically, if all 16 thorns and the explosion hit the same enemy once, each Thorn Grenade would deal 84 damage.

There is a 0.4-second delay between consecutive Thorn Grenade throws with the same hand, producing a maximum one-handed base DPS of 210 (more than 4 times that of the Energy Javelin).


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem thorngrenade
File Name thorngrenade.thrownitem
File Path assets\items\throwables