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A measure of gooey unrefined oil.

Oil is a gatherable liquid. Like other liquids it can be gathered using the Matter Manipulator. It can be found in great abundance in caves beneath desert planets.

Players will automatically learn the crafting schematic for Lantern and Lantern Stick after first harvesting oil using an upgraded Matter Manipulator.

If Oil comes in contact with Lava or the lava ocean at the core of most planets, it is quickly converted into lava.

Status Effects

  • Status Tar (Debuff).png Tar - 3 seconds

Ingredient for

Compound Bow Icon.png Compound Bow 3
Blue Crayon Icon.png Blue Crayon 10
Green Crayon Icon.png Green Crayon 10
Orange Crayon Icon.png Orange Crayon 10
Purple Crayon Icon.png Purple Crayon 10
Red Crayon Icon.png Red Crayon 10
Yellow Crayon Icon.png Yellow Crayon 10
Explorer's Lantern Icon.png Explorer's Lantern 10
Molotov Icon.png Molotov (3) 10
Red Toy Block Icon.png Red Toy Block (20) 1
Tungsten Hunting Bow Icon.png Tungsten Hunting Bow 3



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem liquidoil
File Name oil.liqitem
File Path assets\items\liquids
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