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Water Icon.png

A measure of cool, clear water.

Water is a gatherable liquid. It's found naturally on almost all planet types, and can be gathered from pooled rain. Like other liquids it can be gathered using an upgraded Matter Manipulator.

It inflicts no status effects while touching it, however without the Breathing EPP or better you will eventually drown without coming up for air. While underwater a breath bar will appear and decrease, until becoming empty after 25 seconds. You will then gradually lose health until dying in another 25 seconds. If you bring your mouth above water at any point, you will begin gaining breath again, fulling catching your breath after 10 seconds in the open air.

Water has several interactions with other liquids when the amounts are near to block size (when one amount is very small interactions are subject to the Martinus Transformation where the smaller amount transforms into the larger amount):

  • If Lava comes into contact with Water, the parts of the lava touching water are converted to Magmarock.
  • If Water comes into contact with Poison, Coconut Milk, Healing Water or Swamp Water, it will quickly convert into poison, coconut milk, healing water or swamp water, respectively.
  • If Water comes into contact with Slime or Oil, the two liquids will remain separate.
  • If Water comes into contact with the lava ocean at the core of most planets, it will evaporate into nothingness.

Water Guns and Water Balloons can spawn water.

Water will extinguish the Burning and Nova status effects.

Note: Water on Ocean planets behaves a bit differently. See Tropical Ocean for more details.

Status Effects

  • Status Wet.png Wet - 2 seconds

Ingredient for

Bottled Water Icon.png Bottled Water 10
Concrete Block Icon.png Concrete Block (20) 1
Floral Fountain Icon.png Floral Fountain 20
Rusty Block Icon.png Rusty Block (40) 1
Rusty Metal Icon.png Rusty Metal (40) 1
Wrecked Platform Icon.png Wrecked Platform (10) 10


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem liquidwater
File Name water.liqitem
File Path assets\items\liquids
Coconut MilkHealing WaterLavaLiquid Erchius FuelOilPoisonSlimeSwamp WaterWater