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Poison Icon.png

A measure of strong poison.

Poison is a liquid that can be gathered using the Matter Manipulator. It's colored green and will apply the poison status effect to characters when touched.

Poison Antidote can make players immune from the poison status effect for 5 minutes at a time. Players may also equip the Poison Resist Augment to become immune to it.

Adding poison to a body of Water will cause the water to gradually turn into poison. However, this does not work on any Ocean liquids.

Poison can be found on the surface of Tropical planets and as a poison ocean on Toxic planets. Underground it is in many mini-biomes, such as Cell Caves and Luminous Caves. It can also be found in dungeons such as Old Sewers and Apex Test Facilities.

When Poison comes into contact with the lava ocean at the core of most planets, it evaporates into nothingness.

The best place to collect Poison is on Toxic planets or at the final mission with the Ruin.

Status Effects

Ingredient for

Battery Icon.png Battery 5
AA Battery Icon.png AA Battery (2) 1
Synthetic Material Icon.png Synthetic Material 5


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem liquidpoison
File Name poison.liqitem
File Path assets\items\liquids
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