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AA Battery.png

This battery can be used to power small electronic devices!


AA Battery is a crafting ingredient used to make electronic objects. It is a component of every craftable logic gate recipe.

It can be crafted at an atomic furnace, bought at the Infinity Express, harvested from a robot chicken, or dropped by bobots, lumoths, scandroids, or triplods.

Ingredient for

Aegisalt Pistol Icon.png Aegisalt Pistol 1
Pressurised Airlock Door Icon.png Pressurised Airlock Door 1
Pressurised Airlock Hatch Icon.png Pressurised Airlock Hatch 1
AND Switch Icon.png AND Switch 1
Apex Ship Door Icon.png Apex Ship Door 1
Apex Ship Hatch Icon.png Apex Ship Hatch 1
Avian Ship Door Icon.png Avian Ship Door 1
Avian Ship Hatch Icon.png Avian Ship Hatch 1
Bulb Icon.png Bulb 1
Cave Detector Icon.png Cave Detector 4
Stalactite Lamp Icon.png Stalactite Lamp 1
Cell Lamp Icon.png Cell Lamp 1
Composite Rail Platform Icon.png Composite Rail Platform 2
Countdown Timer Icon.png Countdown Timer 1
Crystal Lamp Icon.png Crystal Lamp 1
Cultist Airlock Door Icon.png Cultist Airlock Door 2
Cultist Airlock Hatch Icon.png Cultist Airlock Hatch 1
Cultist Door Icon.png Cultist Door 1
Delay Gate Icon.png Delay Gate 1
Latch Icon.png Latch 1
Ferozium Wand Icon.png Ferozium Wand 1
Floran Ship Door Icon.png Floran Ship Door 1
Floran Ship Hatch Icon.png Floran Ship Hatch 1
Hanging Flower Lamp Icon.png Hanging Flower Lamp 1
Foundry Bed Icon.png Foundry Bed 2
Giant Flower Lamp Icon.png Giant Flower Lamp 1
Glitch Ship Door Icon.png Glitch Ship Door 1
Glitch Ship Hatch Icon.png Glitch Ship Hatch 1
Grappling Hook Icon.png Grappling Hook 4
Halogen Pack Icon.png Halogen Pack 5
Hive Lamp Icon.png Hive Lamp 1
Human Ship Door Icon.png Human Ship Door 1
Human Ship Hatch Icon.png Human Ship Hatch 1
Hylotl Ship Door Icon.png Hylotl Ship Door 1
Hylotl Ship Hatch Icon.png Hylotl Ship Hatch 1
Industrial Light Icon.png Industrial Light 1
Laboratory Light Icon.png Laboratory Light 1
Laboratory Hatch Icon.png Laboratory Hatch 2
Hi-tech Block Icon.png Hi-tech Block (30) 1
Neon Block Icon.png Neon Block (20) 1
NOT Switch Icon.png NOT Switch 1
Novakid Ship Door Icon.png Novakid Ship Door 1
Novakid Ship Hatch Icon.png Novakid Ship Hatch 1
OR Switch Icon.png OR Switch 1
Ore Detector Icon.png Ore Detector 4
Prism Magenta Lamp Icon.png Prism Magenta Lamp 1
Prism Emerald Lamp Icon.png Prism Emerald Lamp 1
Prism Cyan Lamp Icon.png Prism Cyan Lamp 1
Rail Stop Icon.png Rail Stop 1
Rail Tram Stop Icon.png Rail Tram Stop 1
Reed Lamp Icon.png Reed Lamp 1
Relocator Icon.png Relocator 4
Rusty Rail Platform Icon.png Rusty Rail Platform 1
Store Register Icon.png Store Register 1
Stylish TV Icon.png Stylish TV 1
Secret Door Icon.png Secret Door 1
Secret Trapdoor Icon.png Secret Trapdoor 1
Defense Turret Icon.png Defense Turret 1
Rail Tram Icon.png Rail Tram 5
Steamspring Lamp Icon.png Steamspring Lamp 1
Tar Console Icon.png Tar Console 5
Titanium Console Icon.png Titanium Console 1
Durasteel Light Icon.png Durasteel Light 1
Durasteel Console Icon.png Durasteel Console 2
Timer (0.5 Sec) Icon.png Timer (0.5 Sec) 1
Violium Shortsword Icon.png Violium Shortsword 1
XOR Switch Icon.png XOR Switch 1


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem smallbattery
File Name smallbattery.item
File Path assets\items\generic\crafting