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Rail Tram Stop
Rail Point
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Calls and stops rail trams

Rail Tram Stop is a rail object. When placed on a rusty or composite rail it will automatically stop any passing Rail Trams (players in trams can use direction keys to move off of these stops). When interacted with it will also call any stopped trams on the connected rail.

Rail Trams and tram stops can be found in space encounter stations.


Rail Tram Stops have two input nodes, one at the center and one at the upper blue node, and one output node at the lower blue node.

Rail Tram Stops are connected together into a network by linking each stop's output node to its neighbor's upper input node. Only one connection between stops is required to add a stop to an existing network, regardless of whether the connection was made to the stop's output or its upper input.

Powering the center input of a Rail Tram Stop while it is connected to a network will send the network's Rail Tram toward the triggered stop, power all other stops on the network (indicated by their centers turning green), and cause the triggered stop's center to alternate in color between red and yellow. Stops other than the triggered stop will act like powered Rail Stops while the tram is in transit. Once the Rail Tram has arrived at the triggered stop, all other stops will stop being powered (indicated by their centers turning red), causing them to act like unpowered Rail Stops.


If you want to create very long tram rides between stops while still enabling the tram-calling network you can add additional tram stops off the rail, so that they won't interrupt travel but will still send along the message that summons the tram. [1]


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem railtramstop
File Name railtramstop.object
File Path assets\objects\rails\railtramstop