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Silver Bar.png

Ore for silver bars is found at moderate depths on most planets around all stars.


Silver Bar is a crafting material refined from silver ore using a furnace. It is used as a crafting material in a number of tools, objects and furniture.

Each bar can be refined into 15 pixels using a Refinery.

Obtaining silver bars is the objective of the tech quest Jump-starting Development.

Ingredient for

Apex Storage Locker Icon.png Apex Storage Locker 1
Avian Storage Locker Icon.png Avian Storage Locker 1
Cell Chair Icon.png Cell Chair 1
Cell Chest Icon.png Cell Chest 1
Cell Lamp Icon.png Cell Lamp 1
Cell Table Icon.png Cell Table 1
Composite Rail Icon.png Composite Rail (20) 1
Composite Rail Platform Icon.png Composite Rail Platform 3
Durable Fishing Rod Icon.png Durable Fishing Rod 2
Eye Bed Icon.png Eye Bed 1
Eye Chair Icon.png Eye Chair 1
Eye Chest Icon.png Eye Chest 1
Eye Door Icon.png Eye Door 1
Eye Table Icon.png Eye Table 1
Zephyr Spark Launcher Icon.png Zephyr Spark Launcher 10
Floran Storage Locker Icon.png Floran Storage Locker 1
Advanced Fossil Brush Icon.png Advanced Fossil Brush 1
Giant Flower Door Icon.png Giant Flower Door 1
Glitch Storage Locker Icon.png Glitch Storage Locker 1
Human Storage Locker Icon.png Human Storage Locker 1
Hylotl Storage Locker Icon.png Hylotl Storage Locker 1
Industrial Storage Locker Icon.png Industrial Storage Locker 1
Novakid Storage Locker Icon.png Novakid Storage Locker 1
Rail Bumper Icon.png Rail Bumper 1
Rail Crafting Table Icon.png Rail Crafting Table 5
Rail Hook Icon.png Rail Hook 5
Rail Sensor Icon.png Rail Sensor 1
Rail Stop Icon.png Rail Stop 1
Rail Switch Icon.png Rail Switch 1
Rail Tram Stop Icon.png Rail Tram Stop 2
Rainbow Chest Icon.png Rainbow Chest 1
Silver Block Icon.png Silver Block (30) 1
Silver Platform Icon.png Silver Platform (10) 1
Silver Screw Icon.png Silver Screw (20) 1
Hull Panel Icon.png Hull Panel (20) 1
Rail Tram Icon.png Rail Tram 10
Durasteel Door Icon.png Durasteel Door 1



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem silverbar
File Name silverbar.item
File Path assets\items\generic\crafting