Advanced Fossil Brush

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Advanced Fossil Brush
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Can be used once to excavate a fossil, with moderate success.


Advanced Fossil Brush is a specialized tool for gathering fossils. Using it to interact with a fossil underground triggers the fossil mini-game. Once the player has successfully, or un-successfully completed the mini game, the brush is used up.

When the fossil mini-game is triggered with an Advanced Fossil Brush, the game generates dynamite (cross) and hammer (2x2 square) tools as if it were triggered with a Basic Fossil Brush; however, before the mini-game begins, the quantity of hammer tools is saved, and instead of receiving that quantity of hammer tools, you receive that quantity of vertical mattocks (1x2) and that quantity of horizontal mattocks (2x1). That is, if a Basic Fossil Brush would give you 3 hammer tools, an Advanced Fossil Brush would replace the 3 hammer tools with 3 vertical mattocks and 3 horizontal mattocks.


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem fossilbrushstudent
File Name fossilbrushstudent.activeitem
File Path assets\items\active\fossil