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Timber Icon.png
Timber Sample.png

Wood that has been prepared for building and crafting.


Timber is a basic wood crafting material and construction block. Timber is used as a main component for most entry level furniture and objects.

Timber can be crafted using either a workbench or simply basic crafting.

Ingredient for

Bamboo Icon.png Bamboo (50) 1
Bone Coffin Bed Icon.png Bone Coffin Bed 20
Hunting Bow Icon.png Hunting Bow 20
Bug Net Icon.png Bug Net 5
Cabin Roofing Icon.png Cabin Roofing (30) 1
Copper Crate Icon.png Copper Crate 4
Anvil Icon.png Anvil 20
Foraging Table Icon.png Foraging Table 10
Wooden Workbench Icon.png Wooden Workbench 10
Apothecary Icon.png Apothecary 30
Spinning Wheel Icon.png Spinning Wheel 40
Window Lattice Icon.png Window Lattice (30) 2
Wooden Fence Icon.png Wooden Fence (10) 1
Fishing Rod Icon.png Fishing Rod 30
Strange Flower Box Icon.png Strange Flower Box 20
Basic Fossil Brush Icon.png Basic Fossil Brush 5
Master Fossil Brush Icon.png Master Fossil Brush 2
Advanced Fossil Brush Icon.png Advanced Fossil Brush 2
Small Fossil Display Icon.png Small Fossil Display 20
Medium Fossil Display Icon.png Medium Fossil Display 25
Large Fossil Display Icon.png Large Fossil Display 150
Fossil Station Icon.png Fossil Station 20
Geode Door Icon.png Geode Door 10
Giant Flower Door Icon.png Giant Flower Door 15
Glow Bed Icon.png Glow Bed 10
Hoe Icon.png Hoe 25
Hunting Knife Icon.png Hunting Knife 2
Inventor's Table Icon.png Inventor's Table 12
Iron Assault Rifle Icon.png Iron Assault Rifle 4
Iron Revolver Icon.png Iron Revolver 2
Mannequin Icon.png Mannequin 50
Moth Trap Icon.png Moth Trap 30
Mossy Platform Icon.png Mossy Platform (10) 1
Wood Platform Icon.png Wood Platform (10) 1
Reed Bed Icon.png Reed Bed 10
Reed Chair Icon.png Reed Chair 5
Reed Chest Icon.png Reed Chest 5
Reed Wall Clock Icon.png Reed Wall Clock 5
Reed Desk Icon.png Reed Desk 20
Reed Door Icon.png Reed Door 10
Reed Lamp Icon.png Reed Lamp 3
Reed Shelf Icon.png Reed Shelf 10
Ruins Platform Icon.png Ruins Platform (10) 1
Scarecrow Icon.png Scarecrow 30
Stylish Bed Icon.png Stylish Bed 25
Stylish Chair Icon.png Stylish Chair 15
Large Stylish Drawers Icon.png Large Stylish Drawers 8
Small Stylish Drawers Icon.png Small Stylish Drawers 6
Stylish Counter Icon.png Stylish Counter 8
Store Register Icon.png Store Register 4
Metal Store Shelf Icon.png Metal Store Shelf 15
Round Table Icon.png Round Table 25
Stylish TV Icon.png Stylish TV 6
Shoji Screen Panel Icon.png Shoji Screen Panel (20) 1
Shroom Bed Icon.png Shroom Bed 10
Shroom Chair Icon.png Shroom Chair 5
Shroom Chest Icon.png Shroom Chest 5
Shroom Door Icon.png Shroom Door 10
Shroom Table Icon.png Shroom Table 10
Mushroom Wardrobe Icon.png Mushroom Wardrobe 10
Skull Torch Stand Icon.png Skull Torch Stand 10
Spring Chest Icon.png Spring Chest 15
Basic Shield Icon.png Basic Shield 20
Steamspring Bed Icon.png Steamspring Bed 25
Steamspring Chair Icon.png Steamspring Chair 15
Steamspring Door Icon.png Steamspring Door 15
Steamspring Lamp Icon.png Steamspring Lamp 6
Steamspring Table Icon.png Steamspring Table 25
Swamp Cot Icon.png Swamp Cot 30
Tungsten Table Icon.png Tungsten Table 5
Smooth Tomb Brick Icon.png Smooth Tomb Brick (20) 1
Toxic Chair Icon.png Toxic Chair 5
Toxic Chest Icon.png Toxic Chest 10
Toxic Table Icon.png Toxic Table 10
Wooden Bridge Block Icon.png Wooden Bridge Block (10) 2
Wooden Bed Icon.png Wooden Bed 15
Wooden Chair Icon.png Wooden Chair 10
Kitchen Counter Icon.png Kitchen Counter 15
Wooden Crate (small) Icon.png Wooden Crate (small) 15
Large Wooden Crate (open) Icon.png Large Wooden Crate (open) 25
Wooden Door Icon.png Wooden Door 15
Wooden Gate Icon.png Wooden Gate 10
Ornate Platform Icon.png Ornate Platform (10) 1
Wooden Hatch Icon.png Wooden Hatch 15
Wooden Watering Can Icon.png Wooden Watering Can 30
Wooden Window Icon.png Wooden Window (20) 1
Wooden Blinds Icon.png Wooden Blinds (10) 1
Wood Panelling Icon.png Wood Panelling (5) 2
Wooden Support Icon.png Wooden Support 5
Wooden Table Icon.png Wooden Table 15

Racial Descriptions

Floran Icon.png Floran : Sssplintery wood plankss.
Glitch Icon.png Glitch : Satisfied. These are well crafted wood planks.
Novakid Icon.png Novakid : Just some basic lookin' wood planks.



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem darkwoodmaterial
File Name darkwood.matitem
File Path assets\items\materials