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Pleased Giraffe, referred to as the "Colony Update", was a large content patch released on August 25th, 2015. It added a large amount of content and introduced the tenant system in addition to a large amount of new content.

It was announced and changes were detailed on the developer blog shortly after release.[1]


Colony System

  • Colonize your worlds! Create a home, decorate it nicely, then place a Colony Deed to attract a tenant!
  • The type of NPC who moves in will depend on the type and quality of the home’s furniture and decorations. Decorating a room with several objects from the same theme (such as a biome or material tier) will attract a tenant themed to match!
  • Keep your tenants happy and they’ll periodically offer you gifts, some cosmetic and some very useful

New Outpost Store: Frögg Furnishings

Improvements to NPCs

  • NPCs will now interact with each other and with many different objects in the world (such as warming their hands at a campfire and playing arcade machines). Depending on their personalities they might get sad, excited, fall in love or do all kinds of different things in different situations!
  • Added many unique NPC dialogue options and updated some old ones
  • Further improved NPC movement and pathfinding
  • NPCs now switch between ranged and melee weapons in combat depending on their available energy, range, and whether they can reach the player
  • Groups of NPCs now coordinate in combat to attack from different positions and divide themselves between ranged and melee
  • Added a tutorial "traveller" NPC to starter planets (Lush)

Surface Biomes and Sub-Biomes (Tiers 1 – 4)

  • Major visual improvements to background parallaxes
  • All biomes have several types of unique critters (60+)
  • Added a huge number of biome-specific microdungeons (450+) (Added to: Lush, Forest, Desert, Ocean, Snow, Arid (Savannah), Jungle, Alien and Toxic planets)
  • Added many new biome-specific cosmetic armors and other items
  • Randomly generated monsters will now have color palettes that generally match the biome they spawn in
  • Re-designed the Toxic surface biome[2] as an industrial wasteland, including additions to the Toxic Ocean Floor (new toxic Waste block, mutant armor set, new trees and bushes)
  • Re-designed the Swamp surface mini-biome, now populated by Frog people[3]
  • Re-designed Eyepatch surface mini-biome[4] (eye vines, the return of Eye Guard towers as microdungeons)
  • Re-designed the Flesh surface mini-biome[5]
  • Re-designed the Bone mini-biome
  • Re-designed the Bioluminescent mini-biome (added Blue and Yellow bioluminescent rock blocks, multi-colored Glow Fibres (Blue, Orange, Yellow and Green) have been replaced with a single type of Glow Fibre, added Glow Bed and Glow Chair furniture, re-worked the appearance of the Glowbush Lamp, Glowvine Lamp, Glowfibre Chest and the vanity armor Glow Set). Added a Glow Merchant tenant type. Added Fireflies (tiny non-catchable bugs).
  • Re-designed the Alpine mini-biome, now inhabited a Celtic-themed Alpaca NPC race (living in houses made out of the new Grassy Rock and Sod blocks, and decorated with various Alpaca Runes)
  • Colorization improvements for sky coloring, sunsetting and rising[6]

Universe and Planet Generation

  • Redesigned terrain to be more interesting and varied across all world types
  • Reduced the number of open caves on the surface, improved cave blending
  • Greatly increased the number of dungeons that can spawn on worlds and prevented dungeons from overlapping each other
  • Added ores in the background layer
  • Disabled Uranium Ore and Solarium Ore from being naturally generated in the game, moved Gold Ore to planets of threat level 5 and above. Iron Ore is now found on planets of all threat levels.
  • Improved the appearance of planets in the navigation screen to better indicate the biome and surface liquid, added some visual variety to gas giants
  • Dust storms and other heavy weather now affect (slow down) the player

Challenge Rooms

  • You can now find portals underground that lead to small instanced challenges. Defeat enemies, navigate dangerous traps or solve puzzles to earn great rewards!
  • Challenge portals disappear shortly after you enter, so you won’t be able to enter through the same portal twice.
  • Trap implementation in new missions and challenge rooms

Inventory and Merchants

  • You can now sell items to most merchants for a portion of their value
  • Added an ore merchant to the Outpost where you can purchase raw materials at an inflated price[7]
  • Added a third inventory tab for objects (similar to the materials tab)
  • Added a sort button to the inventory window to sort items into their appropriate tabs
  • Items will not be automatically picked up into the hotbar and materials and objects won’t be automatically picked up when their respective tabs are full
  • Added an indicator to inventory tabs when they contain new items
  • Added an animation to highlight newly picked up items when switching to a tab

Tools and Interface

  • Wire and Paint tools are now unlockable modes for the Matter Manipulator and have clearer icons to indicate their functions
  • Inspection tool can now examine liquids, indicates when something is too dark to inspect, and doesn’t try to describe entities (such as monsters) that have no description set
  • Targeting will now prioritize monsters and NPCs at the cursor position, and won’t target passive monsters such as critters
  • Removed Pickaxe crafting recipes, as they are now only meant to be brief mining boosts found in the world.

Combat Changes (WIP)

  • Rebalanced all damage and armor values for players, NPCs and monsters
  • Reduced the damage per level increase of weapons and added a bonus damage stat on all tiered armors, allowing weapons to stay viable for longer
  • All randomly generated melee weapons have fancy new sprites
  • Reworked monster skills and added a windup animation. These will be further expanded and rebalanced in the next update.
  • Reworked weapon projectiles, increased bullet speed, added elemental damage types. These will be further expanded in the next update.
  • Weapon special ability support added (alt-fires)[8]
  • Added attack multiplier to all racial tiered armor

Progression Changes

Farming Changes

  • Crops now require water to grow! Tilled soil will initially be dry and needs to be moistened by a watering can, rain, or by dropping water on it
  • At each stage of a crop’s growth, it will consume the soil’s moisture and need to be watered again to progress further
  • Keeping crops under too much water for too long will cause them to be washed away, so be gentle!
  • Added Grass Seeds and Flowery Grass Seeds for planting grass

And More!

  • 200+ new objects and materials that can be bought, crafted or found in the world
  • Many changes to the Floran mission – Including a new boss
  • Improved chest loot and added improved graphics for standard and weapon chests
  • Added multiple upgrades for the lantern stick back item to improve its brightness (Halogen Pack & Xenon Pack)
  • Racial flags can now be bookmarked as teleport destinations (but won’t enable you to teleport from underground)
  • Added particles and sounds to smashable objects and made many more objects (such as bushes and spikes) smashable
  • Reworked Status Pods to have more interesting and useful effects, including a chance to spawn ore or pixels
  • New Quests - Yes I Can!, The First Harvest, Rent Well Spent

New Items/Objects

Minor Changes / Bug Fixes

  • New characters will once again start on randomized worlds instead of sharing a single starter world!
  • Weather effects deposit snow and sand on tiles where appropriate
  • Ocean liquids become finite when enclosed by background blocks, and removing background blocks under the ocean will let the liquid in
  • Codexes will be automatically opened when learned
  • Environmental protection bio-implants include protection from lower tier hazards and will be automatically equipped when learned
  • Flash breath bar when drowning
  • Sort recipes in crafting interface
  • Various performance improvements
  • Renamed ’moon’ biome to ‘airless’ to avoid confusion among the astronomically knowledgeable
  • Added a shipyard to the Outpost, which will be used to purchase additional ship upgrades in the future
  • Changes in planet appearance in navigation console (ocean worlds and non-ocean worlds are now more distinguishable)
  • Changed procedural monster palettes to often match environment/biome colors.[10]
  • Updated weather navigation console icons
  • SAIL dialog popups added to the missions.
  • Adjusted crafting requirements for tiered craftable furniture.
  • Gave Monsters several new elemental attack animations.
  • Added color to stacked UI windows[11]
  • Changed Blank Tech Card's name to Tech Drive
  • Fixed a bug causing monsters to spawn in player-built structures underground
  • Fixed several bugs related to weapons and monster attacks across the world wrap line
  • Fixed a bug causing NPC weapons to be rerolled when unequipped
  • Fixed a bug causing dungeon NPCs to spawn partially underground
  • Fixed a bug causing players to be stuck firing after respawn
  • Fixed a bug causing pets to eat whole stacks of food on the ground
  • Fixed a bug causing UI sound volume to be reduced too far by SFX slider
  • Lots of other balance and bug fixes
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when opening a regular crafting window after using a crafting table
  • Fixed NPCs getting stuck sideways after using beds
  • Fixed crash when painting materials with non-paintable material mods
  • Fixed crash in merchant interface when setting quantity on items without prices
  • Fixed several crashes in tenant dialog options
  • Fixed crash with serpent droids in the bunker dungeon
  • Fixed default server IP mode configuration for windows
  • Fixed missing recipes for tier 6 compounds
  • Fixed a bug causing objects to incorrectly play sounds when spawned
  • Don’t use bag type filters when using shift click to send items to a bag
  • Added prices for many more items and objects
  • Added more tenants
  • Added underground vines and more underground variety to several surface biomes
  • Experimental feature that shows NPC ‘status’ on occasion
  • More performance improvements