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Upgrade Module
Upgrade Component
Upgrade Module.png

These modules can be used to upgrade ships and other useful equipment.

Upgrade Modules are an upgrade item used to upgrade weapons and a requirement for upgrading ship size.

They can be traded in to either Penguin Pete for ship upgrades, or Biggy's Reputable Weaponry for upgraded weapons.

Upgrade Modules can be found in any chest, but are more common in Challenge Rooms, and also have a 0-10% chance to spawn as a reward when a Reward Bag is used (depending on mission difficulty). Upgrade Modules also have a small chance to drop from most monsters when killed.

First (Sparrow Class) 2
Second (Kestrel Class) 4
Third (Falcon Class) 6
Fourth (Eagle Class) 8
Fifth (Condor Class) 10

Ingredient for

Claw Glove Icon.png Claw Glove 1
Molten Boomerang Icon.png Molten Boomerang 1
Hard Chakram Icon.png Hard Chakram 1
Frozen Boomerang Icon.png Frozen Boomerang 1
Lunarang Icon.png Lunarang 1
Neo Chakram Icon.png Neo Chakram 1
Saw Chakram Icon.png Saw Chakram 1
Stun Glove Icon.png Stun Glove 1
Vine Fist Icon.png Vine Fist 1


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem upgrademodule
File Name upgrademodule.item
File Path assets\items\generic\other