Eagle Ship Upgrade

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Penguin Pete Portrait.png Eagle Ship Upgrade
Side Quest

Eight ship crew members

Questgiver: SAIL

Turn In: Penguin Pete

Ship Upgrade Level 5

Falcon Ship Upgrade
Condor Ship Upgrade

Eagle Ship Upgrade is a side quest which becomes available after players have recruited eight ship crew members.

The quest requires the player gather 8 Upgrade Modules and deliver them to the shipyard captain east of the outpost. After turning in the quest the player's ship size will be expanded and max crew level increased.

Alternatively players can purchase a Fake Eagle License from Penguin Bay at the outpost to upgrade their ship without the requirement of crew members.

Quest Text

Penguin Pete Quest Portrait.png

Penguin Pete

Quest Text

"Eight crew members! Congratulations - you now qualify for the Eagle License! Visit Penguin Pete with 8 Upgrade Modules to upgrade your ship."

Completion Text

"Yer lucky there's so much space in space! Yer ship'll have room to spare after this upgrade."



File Details

Quest Complete Command /completequest shipupgrade4
File Name shipupgrade4.questtemplate
File Path assets\quests\outpost\shipupgrade