The Glory That's Inside

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Nuru Quest Portrait.png The Glory That's Inside
Side Quest

Questgiver: Nuru
  • Talk to Nuru to travel to the arena
  • Win the arena battle
  • Return to Nuru at the Outpost

Turn In: Nuru
Pixels-Sell.png 800
A Challenger Approaches
Arena of Fire

The Glory That's Inside is a side quest given by Nuru after the Grand Pagoda Library mission has been completed. Players must have also completed the initial arena encounter, A Challenger Approaches.

Nuru asks the player to return to the arena, speaking with Nuru again will open the option to teleport there. Once inside players must defeat a ranged fighter with ammo which slows movement. There are also a number of pets. The hunter must be defeated, and all remaining pets before a passage opens to return the player to Nuru for turn in.

Quest Text

Nuru Sprite.png


Quest Text

"Ssomeone else has challenged you in arena combat! It's a Floran beast tamer named Volo. Come talk to me when you're ready to go."

Completion Text

"You beat Volo! This is a lot of fun. Here's your second trophy!"



File Details

Quest Complete Command /completequest floranarena2
File Name floranarena2.questtemplate
File Path assets\quests\outpost