A Challenger Approaches

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Nuru Quest Portrait.png A Challenger Approaches
Side Quest
Questgiver: Nuru
  • Talk to Nuru to travel to the arena
  • Win the arena battle
  • Return to Nuru at the Outpost

Turn In: Nuru
Pixels-Sell.png 400
The Glory That's Inside

A Challenger Approaches is a side quest given by Nuru when she's returned to the outpost after the Ceremonial Hunting Caverns mission. Players do not have to complete the mission first, if another character has returned Nuru to the ark it's immediately available for anyone when visiting there.

In a new universe the quest Fetch the Floran Artifact will have to be completed before this quest is available.

For this quest, Nuru asks the player to travel to fight in an arena. Speaking with Nuru again will open the option to teleport there. Once inside are three challengers, a melee fighter, a bruiser and a ranged shooter. All three must all be defeated before a passage opens to return the player to Nuru for turn in.

Quest Text

Nuru Sprite.png


Quest Text

"Hey, champion! A guy invited me to a gladiator arena tournament, but I think you should go inssstead. If you're feeling tough, talk to me and I can ssend you there for the first round!"

Completion Text

"You ssurvived! Knew you'd make it. Good job, champ!"




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