Rounding Up The Components

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Scientist Quest Portrait.png Rounding Up The Components
Side Quest

Jumping To The Right Conclusion

Questgiver: Elliott

Turn In: Elliott
Pixels-Sell.png 300
Jumping To The Right Conclusion
Getting The Ball Rolling

Rounding Up The Components is a quest available from Apex Scientist Elliott in the Tech Lab after completing Jumping To The Right Conclusion and unlocking the pulse jump tech.

He requests 10 gold bars from the player. After turning this quest in a tech challenge course will unlock which will enable the final type of basic tech.

Quest Text

Outpost Scientist.png


Quest Text

"The tech I'm working on now is truly fantastic! It enables the user to compress into a small, spherical form ideal for moving around in tight spaces. I need some final components to finish it. Could you bring me 10 Gold Bars?"

Completion Text

"Most excellent! Now all that remains is to test the Distortion Sphere Tech and I've got just the course for it."




File Details

Quest Complete Command /completequest
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