Dreadwing the Penguin (Quest)

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Penguin Bartender Quest Portrait.png Dreadwing the Penguin
Side Quest
Questgiver: Penguin Bartender

Turn In: Bartender
Pixels-Sell.png 50

Dreadwing the Penguin is a quest given at the Beakeasy penguin bar beneath the Outpost. He asks the player to defeat the Penguin pirate Dreadwing who has been keeping all the bars regulars on the run. After accepting the quest speak to him again to be teleported to the mini boss.

The quest is available immediately after visiting the outpost, but it's recommended players acquire at least a full set of protective armor before starting the fight.

Once he's been defeated turn in the quest to the bartender and turn in to re-open the bar, and allow the player to hire penguin crew mercenaries using dubloons.

Quest Text

Penguin Bartender Quest Portrait.png

Penguin Bartender

Quest Text

"Help me out, would ya? Business around here hasn't been so great since all my regulars are on the run from Dreadwing and his gang of crooks! Can you go and defeat Dreadwing for me? Come speak when you're ready, I'll send ya right to him!"

Completion Text

"You sorted him out for me? Thanks, now I'm back in business! Come speak to me if you want a Dubloon to hire a penguin merc."



File Details

Quest Complete Command /completequest penguin1
File Name penguin1.questtemplate
File Path assets\quests\outpost