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Mystery contents!

Reward Bag is a reward given sometimes when completing procedurally generated quests given by tenants or NPCs.

The difficulty of the quest determines what loot appears in the bag. For quests with multiple steps, the difficulty is the sum of the individual steps' difficulties minus any costs (some quests consume difficulty on generation as well as reward difficulty on completion). If this difficulty total is less than 0.5, then a Low-Value Reward is given; if it is between 0.5 and 1.0, then a Medium-Value Reward is given instead. A High-Value Reward is only given if the difficulty total is at least 1.0.

Additionally, if you obtain a Reward Bag from a themed NPC, the loot table for their specific themed chests is also added to the possible drops and you are more likely to get one of these rarer rewards. For example, completing quests from Glitch Castles on Volcanic worlds can reward you with procedurally generated Tier 6 weapons.

Low Value Reward (Net Difficulty < 0.5)

Name Weight
Thrown Weapon 25%
Seed 25%
Tool 25%
Ore 25%

Medium Value Reward (0.5 ≤ Net Difficulty < 1.0)

Name Weight
Randomly generated Weapon 40%
Shield 5%
Ore 20%
Rare Furniture 5%
Instrument 3%
Cosmetic Armor 2%

High Value Reward (Net Difficulty ≥ 1.0)

Name Quantity Weight
Cosmetic Armor 1 30%
Rare Furniture 1 30%
2 8%
2 7%
1 10%
Randomly generated Weapon with a better rarity chance 1 10%
Instrument 1 5%


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem rewardbag
File Name rewardbag.activeitem
File Path assets\items\active\unsorted\rewardbag