Rare Furniture

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Rare furniture items are unique drops only obtainable by completing quests. Duplicates cannot be printed once obtained. There is a 5% chance of getting rare furniture from medium value reward bags and a 30% chance from high value bags. There are no unique tenants related to these object tags; However, Doom Furniture also has the Evil tag, allowing it to summon the Cultist Tenant.

Wave Set

Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Wave Bed Icon.png Wave Bed Furniture 12 An incredibly comfortable wave bed. miscwave
Wave Chair Icon.png Wave Chair Furniture 4 An exceptionally comfortable wave chair. miscwave
Wave Door Icon.png Wave Door Door 10 A very sturdy wave door. doorwave
Wave Lamp Icon.png Wave Lamp Light Source 2 A hollow circular lamp. lightwave
Wave Console Icon.png Wave Console Wire 6 A wave console. It has a strong curved design. wiredwave
Wave Table Icon.png Wave Table Furniture 10 A very hardy wave table. commercewave

Doom Set

Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Doom Bed Icon.png Doom Bed Furniture 12 A sublime doom bed. It's a bit spiky, though. evildoom
Doom Chair Icon.png Doom Chair Furniture 8 A comfortable doom chair. evildoom
Doom Door Icon.png Doom Door Door 5 A creepy doom door. evildoordoom
Doom Light Icon.png Doom Light Light Source 2 A doom light. The eye glows in the dark. evillightdoom
Doom Console Icon.png Doom Console Wire 8 A doom console. Be careful how you operate it - it's watching. evilwireddoom
Doom Table Icon.png Doom Table Furniture 6 A terrifying doom table. It watches you eat. evilcommercedoom

Geometric Set

Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Geometric Bed Icon.png Geometric Bed Furniture 12 A strong geometric bed. geometricmisc
Geometric Chair Icon.png Geometric Chair Furniture 5 An exceptionally comfortable geometric chair. geometricmisc
Geometric Door Icon.png Geometric Door Door 5 A geometric door. Sturdy! doorgeometric
Geometric Light Icon.png Geometric Light Light Source 2 A glowing geometric light. lightgeometric
Geometric Console Icon.png Geometric Console Wire 4 An geometric console. Sturdy enough to jump on. wiredgeometric
Geometric Table Icon.png Geometric Table Furniture 10 A very well-made geometric table. geometriccommerce

Opulent Set

Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Opulent Bed Icon.png Opulent Bed Furniture 12 A remarkably comfortable opulent bed. miscopulent
Opulent Chair Icon.png Opulent Chair Furniture 6 An incredibly comfortable opulent chair. miscopulent
Opulent Door Icon.png Opulent Door Door 5 A super-strong opulent door. dooropulent
Opulent Light Icon.png Opulent Light Light Source 2 A glowing opulent light made from crystal. lightopulent
Opulent Console Icon.png Opulent Console Wire 7 A opulent console mounted on a suspended crystal. wiredopulent
Opulent Table Icon.png Opulent Table Furniture 6 An incredibly stylish opulent table. commerceopulent

Serene Set

Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Serene Bed Icon.png Serene Bed Furniture 12 An exceptionally comfortable serene bed. miscserene
Serene Chair Icon.png Serene Chair Furniture 8 A very comfortable serene chair. miscserene
Serene Door Icon.png Serene Door Door 5 A very sturdy serene door. doorserene
Serene Light Icon.png Serene Light Light Source 2 A serene, glowing light. lightserene
Serene Console Icon.png Serene Console Wire 6 An serene console. Using it is calming. wiredserene
Serene Table Icon.png Serene Table Furniture 6 A hardy serene table. commerceserene

Executive Set

Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Executive Bed Icon.png Executive Bed Furniture 18 An executive bed. For the sleep of your life. executive
Executive Chair Icon.png Executive Chair Furniture 6 An executive chair. You'll never want to stand again. miscexecutive
Executive Door Icon.png Executive Door Door 10 An impenetrable executive door. doorexecutive
Executive Light Icon.png Executive Light Light Source 4 A dazzling executive light. lightexecutive
Executive Console Icon.png Executive Console Wire 9 An executive console. So exquisite, you can't help but treat it with respect. wiredexecutive
Executive Table Icon.png Executive Table Furniture 8 A beautiful executive table. commerceexecutive


Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Car Bed Icon.png Car Bed Furniture A car shaped bed, for those young at heart. humanprettyvaluable