Fetch the Floran Artifact

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Esther Quest Portrait.png Fetch the Floran Artifact
Story Quest

Find Clues to Locate the Floran Artifact

Questgiver: Esther

Turn In: Esther
Pixels-Sell.png 50
Find Clues to Locate the Floran Artifact
Find Clues to Locate the Hylotl Artifact

Fetch the Floran Artifact is a quest given by Esther after turning in Find Clues to Locate the Floran Artifact, having scanned enough clues to unlock the location of the artifact.

Players can travel to the Hunting Grounds from the missions tab in their ship computer. They can use this interface to return to the mission at any time in the future to replay it.

The artifact is at the end of a set of sprawling underground caves that make up the Ceremonial Hunting Caverns. There are a number of hostile Floran hunters throughout, and players must also defeat a boss at the end of the mission; Ixodoom. They'll also encounter a friendly Floran warrior who will help guide them through the mission named Nuru.

After defeating Ixodoom the path to the artifact is unlocked and players can recover it and return to Esther. Nuru will also join her at the Ark, offering players a set of arena side quests.

This quest is a prerequisite for Find Clues to Locate the Hylotl Artifact, which unlocks the Hylotl mission.

Quest Text

Esther Sprite.png


Quest Text

"The clues you collected reveal that the Floran artifact is enshrined in The Ceremonial Hunting Caverns. Judging from what I've found out, you'll need to compete in a ritual hunt to get it. I've given SAIL the co-ordinates you need. Be careful dear."

Completion Text

"Excellent, you did wonderfully! We're one sixth of the way there, dear. Nothing to sniff at. And now we have Nuru to help us, too."



File Details

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