Keeping the Peace

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Captain Noble Quest Portrait.png Keeping the Peace
Side Quest
Questgiver: Captain Noble

Enter the new peacekeeper station and interact with the Bounty Board

Turn In: Bounty Board

New Peacekeeper Station (Repeating)

The Good Fight
Going after the Occasus

Keeping the Peace is the fifth main quest in the Peacekeeper side-questline, and unlocks access to an upgraded Peacekeeper Station. This quest is repeatable, allowing it to be started again after completing a bounty board and it opens a new station.

The quest is given after players have turned in enough bounties to "rank up" at the Bounty Board in their fourth station.

After finishing the Opening the Ark quest, completing this quest and ranking up the station board the last peacekeeper storyline mission will become available - Going after the Occasus.

In all station boards - each poster on the board represents a bounty mission. This quest is repeatable, opening up new stations each time a board is ranked up inside the current station. The quest text will be selected from one of the following options;

Quest Text

Captain Noble Sprite.png

Captain Noble

Quest Text

"With their leader captured, I don't think we'll be seein' THOSE guys again! We've opened another station in a pretty dangerous solar system - an' I'm reassignin' you to it, partner! Meet me over there!"

"Those yeller-bellies will be runnin' round like headless chickens without their leader! Great work, partner! As usual, I've got a new assignment for you! Crime doesn't sleep, and neither do I!"

"With the head of their organisation gone, those varmints won't be too much trouble from now on! Mighty fine work, partner! I'm openin' a new station and assignin' you to it. The universe is infinite, and so is the crime! Head on over, partner!"

"With their boss out o' the picture, those punks have lost the wind in their sails! If you want to bust more gangs, head on over to the new station I'm assignin' you to!"

Completion Text

"Welcome to your new peacekeeper station."




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