The Final Acquisition

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Koichi Quest Portrait.png The Final Acquisition
Side Quest

Fresh Tunes

Questgiver: Koichi

Turn In: Koichi
Pixels-Sell.png 3000
Fresh Tunes

The Final Acquisition is a side quest given by Koichi at the ark after players have completed Fresh Tunes.

For this quest, Koichi asks the player to search Hylotl villages for a Traditional Gong. Hylotl settlements are most common on ocean planets. Once the object has been collected, return to Koichi at the ark for a reward of a Hokucide, a powerful water sword and a speed augment. The outpost teleporter next to the 2 Stop Teleshop now has a bookmark for Koichi's Museum that can be traveled to at any time.

Quest Text

Koichi Sprite.png


Quest Text

"The museum is almost ready, but I need one last item to complete the Hylotl exhibit. Please can you bring me a Traditional Gong? They're quite common in Hylotl settlements, in both villages and cities."

Completion Text

"Thank you so much for all this - my collection is finally complete, and my museum ready to open! I hope everyone likes it. I hope Nuru likes it.. You can visit the Museum by using the teleporter next to the 2 Stop Teleshop."



File Details

Quest Complete Command /completequest museumcurator6
File Name museumcurator6.questtemplate
File Path assets\quests\outpost