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Koichi character art.png
Timid but tenacious Hylotl scholar

Koichi is a young Hylotl usually found with all three eyes focused on a book. He's super-keen to learn everything he can; not just about Hylotl history, but about all the known species in the universe. This thirst for knowledge drives him to explore, often putting him unwittingly in harm's way as he finds himself crawling through some forgotten booby-trapped tomb because he was too busy staring at the heiroglyphs. And for a rather meek and mousy fellow whose idea of excitement is a trivia night, this is less than ideal. So far, someone's always come along to pull him out of danger.

He seems to get especially flustered around the Floran Nuru, and tries in his own geeky way to impress them. No doubt feeling romantic infatuation towards her.


Grand Pagoda Library

The player first meets Koichi at the Grand Pagoda Library, as part of the "Fetch the Hylotl Artifact" quest. Koichi had been researching great Hylotl thinkers in the once lost library, but found himself in the crosshairs of a large force of Occasus Cult members led by Asra Nox. Koichi barricaded himself in the Library's deepest levels, holding off the Cult. When the player arrives, Koichi uses the Library's hologram systems to track and guide them, unlocking doorways and passages to help them through.

Once the player has made it past Asra Nox, they meet Koichi proper, who decides to tag along and set up shop in a more... safe environment.


Once rescued from the Library, Koichi sets up camp at the Outpost just outside the Ark, where he plans his new passion: a museum dedicated to the many species of the cosmos. But being not exactly the adventuring type, especially so soon after fleeing for his life from a mob of homicidal Cultists, Koichi would rather the gathering of those last few objects be done by someone else. With a finder's fee offered, of course.

This begins a series of Quests that can be tackled relatively quickly, one after the other. If the player has been diligently scanning everything they encounter with the Matter Manipulator, simple access to a Pixel Printer could get several, if not all of them done in rapid succession.

Koichi's Request
The Ruler of the Apex

The Visage of a Hunter
Silent Knight

Fresh Tunes
The Final Acquisition

Once the final piece is in place, Koichi rewards the player with the powerful Hokucide sword. Koichi's Museum is also made available to visit via the Teleporter at the 2 Stop Teleshop.



  • Koichi's name is a compound of the japanese words "ko", meaning (among other things) "clear, bright, happiness, and light", and "ichi" which means "one". Therefore meaning that one possible interpretation of his name would be "bright one" or "light one".