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Occasus Cultist
Unique NPC
Planet Lv :1+

An Occasus Cultist.

Tier : Unknown

The Occasus Cult is the primary antagonist group in Starbound. Led by Asra Nox, Occasus Cultists are xenophobic humans who seek to wipe all other races from the universe. To this end, they hope to channel the destructive power of The Ruin, despite the threat it poses to all life, human or otherwise.


Every encounter with members of the Occasus Cult is violent. Cultists will always attack the player (and other NPCs) on-sight. Like most hostile NPCs, they can use both rifle-style weapons and swords for different ranges.

Random encounters

Any planet with microdungeons has a chance of spawning a small Cultist camp, typically with three Cultist NPCs to deal with. The camps are very simple, either just handful of Metal Crates (sometimes containing small amounts of treasure) and a lantern, or a single Campfire. These camps can be found both on planetary surfaces and underground.

Hostile ships encountered in space have a chance of being an Occasus ship, manned by multiple Cultists. These purple ships have a few unique decor items to scan, including the Cultist Door, Environmental Data Panel and Space Heater. Chests within the ship's bridge typically contain the Occasus Mech Body mech blueprint.

Story Mission encounters

Cultists are encountered as the primary obstacle in the Grand Pagoda Library, but thankfully in small groups scattered throughout the Library. This mission ends with a fight against the cult leader Asra Nox.

A pair of Cult members somehow manage to get deep into the Great Sovereign Temple, down in the lowest and most dilapidated level, but pose little threat.

The Cult comes out in force at the Baron's Keep, where the player has to fend off wave after wave of Cultists in order to protect the Regal Medallion (the Glitch artifact). Aside from the dozens of standard Cultists with guns and swords, some will push heavy Ballistas towards the keep in order to break down its walls. Killing the Cultists manning them will stop them temporarily, but the Ballista will need to be destroyed as well. This mission also features Helicultists in antiquated flying machines that drop Molotovs on the player. Several Cultists back up Asra when she arrives on the final boss of the mission, the Bone Dragon.

Though Asra has (somehow) made it to the inner chamber of The Ruin ahead of the player in the "Opening the Ark" quest, she is thankfully alone.

Unique drops & themed decor

Lore books

Pre-1.0 version

The pre-1.0 Cultist in one of the Cultist microdungeons no longer in the game.

Cultists had no story significance or lore attached to them in the Beta builds of Starbound, appearing solely as random encounters on planets. Just as now, they were always hostile and would attack the player and other NPCs on-sight.

In the "Koala" builds, Cultists had glowing red eyes visible through their hoods, and were attached to several microdungeons:

  • The Cultist Altar, a one-use healing station.
  • An Avian NPC house, with two cultists chasing the poor Avian out and attempting to kill them.
  • A gray micro-tomb with Sawblade Traps on the ceiling (pictured right).
  • A large wooden barn with a hidden basement containing a Po Golem.

These microdungeons were all replaced by the first "Giraffe" Beta build of the game when the universe was re-vamped, with the random encounters brought basically to their current state. The Cultists also changed visually to remove the glowing eyes and make the hood profile more sinister-looking.


  • Players can gain a Friendly Cultist as a Tenant by furnishing a room with "Evil"-tagged decor items. Though their robes are the same style as Occasus robes, the Friendly Cultist is in shades of black rather than purple, so odds are they're part of some other, less-xenophobic-murder-based cult. Probably best not to inquire further.