Cultist Set

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Cultist Set
All Armor
Cultist Set.png
Power Multiplier Stat.png     %
Protection Stat.png     
Max Energy Stat.png     
Max Health Stat.png     
Pixels-Sell.png 0

Cultist Set is a Cosmetic Armor set worn by Cultist npcs. Each piece has a 1% chance to drop from Cultists when they're killed.

Set Pieces

Cultist Hood Icon.png
Cultist Hood
Cultist Hood.png
A creepy hood, fit for a shady Cultist.
Common Pixels-Sell.png 0
Cultist Chestpiece Icon.png
Cultist Chestpiece
Cultist Chestpiece.png
A padded jacket, frequently worn by cultists.
Common Pixels-Sell.png 0
Cultist Leg Armour Icon.png
Cultist Leg Armour
Cultist Leg Armour.png
A style of leg armour commonly worn by cultists.
Common Pixels-Sell.png 0