Cultist Lair

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Disabled: Not currently available

Cultist Lair is currently disabled from the game. Assets for this exist within the game files, but will not be encountered through normal gameplay.

The Cultist Lair dungeon was added in Version 1.4.0 but was not enabled. Given the decor, cultist lairs may be commandeered USCM bunkers, because they contain a number of (otherwise disabled) USCM bunker objects. While lairs feature many storage objects, no valuable treasure, nor any lore, can be found in them, as of Version 1.4.4. Occasus cultists, as suggested by the name, are common in the dungeon. Some cultists fight using capture pods, but most brandish swords and guns. There are also Triplods in and around the bunker.

Cultist lairs lack some programmatic details that are usually included in major dungeons, such as questlocation stagehands, indicating that their development was not fully complete at the time development was paused after the release of Version 1.4.0.


Admin Commands

The name used by the placedungeon command to spawn this dungeon is cultistlair, with the usual warning that placing dungeons in worlds using the admin command will overwrite any existing features of the world, and may produce jarring discontinuities.