The Dantalion

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The Dantalion is a warship owned by Asra Nox. It is the location where the final mission of the Peacekeeper storyline takes place. The mission takes place mostly inside the player's Mech.

The mission is guided mostly by Esther Bright and Captain Noble, the leader of the Peacekeepers, but there is also additional dialogue from Nuru, Koichi, The Baron, Lana Blake, and Tonauac. At the deepest part of the Dantalion, Asra Nox is waiting to face off with the player one final time in her Swansong Mech.

Boss Encounter

The mission's boss is Asra Nox's Mech, The Swansong. Many of the attacks are hard to dodge, as they predict the player's movement, making it the hardest boss after the Ruin. The Boss is fought enirely from the player's Mech. See the Swansong article for more information about the boss.

Generic Container Treasure

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Post-Boss chest

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