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Tonauac character art.png
Faithful and gentle caretaker of the Great Sovereign Temple.

Tonauac is as fervent a believer in the divinity of the Avian god Kluex as one could possibly be. Though his huge form would be an asset as a warrior, this gentle giant has instead taken the role of caretaker, trying to keep the "public" areas of the Great Sovereign Temple clean... at least, the parts he can fit into.

Forever clutching the Avoscript in his huge hands, he cheerfully offers tours of the non-lethal areas of the Temple to pilgrims, and is more than happy to regale visitors with tales of how mighty and wonderful Kluex is, how expertly the sacrificial tables have been carved to allow the best flow of blood for offering, and please don't touch the masks or wander into the sawblades. Oh and he'll catch up with you, he just needs a short nap after all this excitement...

And perhaps Tonauac's unwavering faith in Kluex is rewarded, as he seems to have some unexplained powers, such as the ability to “bless” the player with helpful buffs once recruited to the Ark (see below).

Please don't call him "Tony". He doesn't like it.


The Great Sovereign Temple

Tonauac is first encountered napping at the main entrance of the Great Sovereign Temple as the player arrives to fetch the Avian Artifact for Esther Bright. Tonauac gives a short tour of the display area, but soon needs to rest again, giving the player the opportunity to slip away and dive further into the Temple, right into the "lethal booby trap gauntlet" part (aka "every other part of the Temple").

Once he wakes up, Tonauac pursues the player fearing for their safety, entering areas he's never been in before and unlocking doors to help the player through. Eventually he meets up with the player after the destruction of the Kluex Avatar, an act that actually convinces Tonauac that the player has been chosen by Kluex to receive the treasure the Avatar guarded. After all, only one blessed by Kluex could hope to defeat his avatar, right?


Following the adventure at the Temple, Tonauac sets up a little ministry at the Outpost next to the Ark. Speaking to him there will imbue a blessing from Kluex that takes the form of a random buff that lasts for 30 minutes. Speaking to him at any point will refresh the buff as long as he still offers it. Every 24 hours, Kluex's blessing changes.

Status Regeneration.png Regeneration 1

Status Safe fall.png Safe Fall

Status Rage.png Rage

Status Thorns.png Thorns



  • When interacted with at the Outpost, he recites pieces of Avian scripture. (Needs verification if scripture quoted directly correlates to the buff given). Some of these lines include: "Avoscript Verse 81:1:6 - 'Those who follow in the steps of Kluex are just better than other people.'". (Psst, if you know more lines add them here!)
  • Given the pattern of other character allied to the player having names that are in reference to some positive concept (typically light), it's conceivable that the name "Tonauac" is Nahuatl for a similar concept. According to, Tonauac means “one who possesses light.”
  • Tonauac is featured on the icon of the achievement titled "The Devout".