Kluex Avatar

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Kluex Avatar
Tier 4 boss
Health 3375 HP
Phases 2
Mission Avian Mission Icon.png Great Sovereign Temple
Drops Kluex Staff Icon.png Kluex Staff (10%)
Kluex Avatar Figurine Icon.png Kluex Avatar Figurine (5%)

The Kluex Avatar is the ultimate guardian of the Great Sovereign Temple, a lethal piece of ancient Avian technology powered by Avolite crystals. The treasure it guards is one of immeasurable wealth, thus the Avatar is designed to be a nigh-unstoppable engine of destruction. It uses a variety of energy and elemental attacks that can reach most anywhere in its chamber.

Perhaps only those blessed by Kluex himself can pass the Avatar and claim that which is guards....


Great Sovereign Temple

The Kluex Avatar is the Boss of the Great Sovereign Temple Misson, and must be defeated in order to complete the "Fetch the Avian Artifact" Quest. It waits at the end of a long string of death traps, activating once the player enters its chamber.

Phase 1

Initially, the Avatar is an immobile statue in the center of the room, presenting a fairly easy target. It cycles through a set pattern of three different attacks, signified by the color of its central Avolite crystal. Heavy melee attacks are particularly effective here, provided the player takes advantage of the short pauses between attacks to slip in and deliver the blow.

Since two of the attacks modes are slow and easily avoided, the player has plenty of opportunity to heal up from the remaining, harder-to-avoid attack, or simply whale on the Avatar with impunity. But don't get cocky...

  • 1) Homing Crystals
  • Crystal color: Red
The Avatar's initial attack generates a series of red crystals in an arrow configuration, then unleashes them in rapid succession, aimed directly at the player. Ten shots in total are unleashed, requiring some fancy footwork or very skillfully-timed Shield work to avoid taking damage.
  • 2) Ice Spikes
  • Crystal color: Blue
Two patches of ice appear randomly on the floor, one on each side of the Avatar. Quickly jump or dash aside, as damaging icicles are about to pop up from those spots. This move is slow and easy to dodge, but comes in sets of three, so keep on your toes. Using the Spike Sphere Tech is also very useful, though it prevents you from attacking.
  • 3) Lava Flow
  • Crystal color: Orange
Two platforms rise up from the floor, one on each side of the Avatar. Shortly after, a flow of molten lava rises up from the ground, staying for several seconds before slowly receding. Obviously, jumping onto the convenient platforms is the best way to avoid this, and the platforms are just close enough to keep the Avatar within range of some of the longer-reach melee attacks. Of course, Spike Sphereing against the wall works too, but doesn't allow for attacking the Avatar.
After the lava recedes, the Avatar starts the pattern all over again.

Phase 2

Unlike other Bosses, the Avatar has two health bars. Depleting the first bar only breaks it free of its pillar, letting it free to fly around the room and refilling its health. In this mode, the Avatar is much more dangerous, as not only is it a moving target that can be hard to hit, its attacks upgrade to give the player fewer safe places to run to. While the attacks still come in a set pattern, it adds a fourth move to the sequence.

In this stage, ranged attacks are preferable, as the limited safe zones and mobile target make melee combat more dangerous and difficult. Thankfully, the Avatar does not inflict contact damage, so don't worry about jumping through it to avoid an attack.

  • 1) Homing Crystals
  • Crystal color: Red
An upgraded form of the first stage's Crystal attack, the Avatar flies erratically around the room and rapidly spawns a series of crystals across the arena, which then streak towards the player in rapid succession. This time it's twenty crystals flung at the player from different angles, making it very tricky to dodge. Use distortion sphere and watch out for any stray blasts.
  • 2) Ice Spikes
  • Crystal color: Blue
This version of the ice attack is an inverse of the first-phase version, in that there are only two safe spots on the floor, with the rest being covered in sharp ice. This attack still comes in waves of three. The Multi Jump Tech makes it easier to reach the safe spots carefully.
  • 3) Vortex Wave
  • Crystal color: Red
The Avatar drops to its original position in the center of the floor, and begins to create a vortex that lightly pulls on the player. This suction is weak and not enough to counter simple running, but will tug at a stationary player, and really pull one that is in midair. While the Avatar is trying to pull the player in, it unleashes a pair of energy waves in two directions across the floor, five pairs in all.
These waves are fairly easy to dodge by jumping in the corners of the room, so dash for it at the earliest opportunity. The Spike Sphere again is super-useful, since the vortex cannot pull the player off the wall. And since it can be tricky to get shots in while jumping the waves without getting pulled in too close to dodge the next wave, the loss of attack opportunity isn't as big a negative.
  • 4) Lava Flow
  • Crystal color: Orange
This time four platforms rise up from the floor before the lava flows in. However, the Avatar then moves over one platform at random and unleashes a torrent of lava, eventually destroying it. It then picks another platform at random, then a third, in the end leaving only one safe platform to stand on. The Spike Sphere will keep you safe through the whole move, but careful maneuvering with the Multi Jump gives you the chance to attack the Avatar while it is stationary.

As with any Boss, eating Food to start slow steady healing before entering the Boss chamber is very beneficial. The Homing Crystals are easily the most devastating of the Avatar's attacks, but getting through those gives the player plenty of time to heal up.

Should the player(s) be killed during this phase, the Avatar will not revert to its immobile first phase once they return. This is the only instance in the game where a Boss does not fully reset upon player death.


  • Despite its use of ever-changing "elemental" attacks, the Kluex Avatar does not take on the weaknesses of those elements.