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Long before the events of Starbound, six chosen races were gifted key-like artifacts by the Cultivator so that one day the races may unite to unseal and defeat the Ruin. After meeting Esther at The Ark, she will seek your help in fulfilling this prophecy.

To obtain most of the artifacts, the player must first scan several important objects associated with a particular race to help Esther pinpoint the artifact's location. After this, the player then faces some sort of challange followed by a boss fight before retrieving the artifact.

After giving an artifact to Esther, it will be slotted into one of the six cavities on the Monolith Gate at The Ark. To collect all of the artifacts, the player must complete the following quests.

Fetch the Floran Artifact

Fetch the Hylotl Artifact

Fetch the Avian Artifact

Fetch the Apex Artifact

Fetch the Glitch Artifact


After completing the five quests and returning to the ark to talk to Esther, she will reveal the Human artifact she was keeping, The Master Manipulator.

After slotting all artifacts into the Monolith Gate, its seal will break, allowing you to complete the final main quest Opening the Ark by defeating The Ruin.


Each race's SAIL (as well as their teleport beam) is the same colour as their artifact, ordered as the colours of the rainbow (minus violet, the Novakid teleport beam colour).

By translating their titles from the Ancient Alphabet, the artifacts' true names are revealed to be:

The 6 artifacts, and the names of each of the 6 gifted races that hold each artifact.