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Thank you card
Thank you card.png
A card from friends.
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Thank you card is an reward given when turning in the final progression quest, Opening the Ark. It's found inside the quest reward bag; Special Reward. Completing this quest is the only way to obtain this codex.

The runes at the end of the credits translate to "THANK YOU FOR PLAYING".

The Hexadecimal in the Baron's note stands for "Light".


Thank you card

That eye thing was huge! What a hunt! You might just be the second best hunter I know.

- Nuru ð

Kluex would be proud of you.

- Tonauac ±

Bloody good show!

- Baron 4c 69 67 68 74 Þ

You have taught me that there is always hope. Thank you.

- Lana º

The scientific importance of your achievement is immeasurable!

- Koichi þ

You have the heart of a Protector.

- Esther »

Thank you for saving the Universe « we hope you enjoyed playing Starbound every bit as much as we enjoyed making it. The Universe is free for you to explore. Safe travels!

- Chucklefish Games °


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