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File Details

File Name finalpostcard.codex
File Path assets\codex\other
icon finalpostcard.png

Data Values

Key Value

itemConfig Price: 25

Rarity: Legendary

description A card from friends.
title Thank you card
contentPages That eye thing was huge! What a hunt! You might just be the second best hunter I know.

- Nuru ð Kluex would be proud of you. - Tonauac ± Bloody good show! - Baron 4c 69 67 68 74 Þ , You have taught me that there is always hope. Thank you. - Lana º The scientific importance of your achievement is immeasurable! - Koichi þ You have the heart of a Protector. - Esther » , Thank you for saving the Universe « we hope you enjoyed playing Starbound every bit as much as we enjoyed making it. The Universe is free for you to explore. Safe travels! - Chucklefish Games ^orange;°