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Apexhistory1 +For an incalculable amount of time, the Apex dreamed of a destiny promised to us, a whispering from the stars which spoke of a greatness beyond the constraints of our natural form. Bound by our DNA to lives of mediocrity, we persevered inconsequentially in our quiet corner of the universe. Then came the day when the Miniknog was formed - The greatest minds of our people united together to further the most important research in scientific history. When a devastating plague struck, the discovery of the cure came with a most unexpected side effect. The Vestigi-Evo Process, or VEP, was invented - Trading physical devolution for intellectual evolution. The VEP allowed us to become the race we were destined to be. With our advanced intellect the Apex spread efficiently throughout the universe, becoming an active presence in the galactic community. Under the guiding hand of the Miniknog, enough resources were gathered to provide housing to our entire population, rich and poor. To this day the [[Miniknog]] are committed to their valiant research. Perhaps they will one day restore the lost physical identity of the Apex of old.  +
Apexhistory10 +REBEL DISPATCH Base 8 to Bases 12, 11, 4 SUBJECT: Interrupting Dissemination of Miniknog Propaganda Hereafter known as: Operation - PROCLAMATION Precondition: All Bases. Assault volunteers required. Target (Precinct 10) factory presses. Soldiers to destroy presses and printed stockpile., Request for provisions: Base 4. Charges, explosive materials. Grade C. Additional information: Operation - PROCLAMATION to be enacted in conjunction with Operation - BREACH.  +
Apexhistory2 +It is hard to believe that ten whole years have passed since the discovery of a seemingly incurable waterborne pathogen threatened the very existence of our once fragile people. But when all hope seemed lost, the formation of the Miniknog came with more than just a cure. Their Vestigi-Evo Process, originally distributed as a cure for the disease, had the additional benefit of evolving us into our now familiar forms., The Miniknog announced today that it has been confirmed that every living Apex has now undergone VEP, signalling a decisive change in the future of our people! Despite this generosity, I am shocked to report that some of our people are ungrateful for the gift that is VEP! There are even talks of rebels, cowardly individuals, who claim that the disease was fabricated by the Miniknog to force us to partake in the process., I would consider such talk tantamount to treason, and I ask these rebels why they are only willing to spread toxic lies from the shadows. Luckily, our Miniknog have control over these would-be troublemakers. I personally hope they are weeded out and punished for such disgraceful talk.  +
Apexhistory3 +Trial #5062: Observations Theta branch sent over their new batch of gene re-sequence strings, so we eagerly put them to the test on subject #5062. We were hoping that the new Proto-Ray level adjustments we made after Trials #5032-5039 might yield improved results, but #5062 unfortunately expired 002:000 metaclicks into the process, suffering from surprising cranial displacement. Fascinating to observe., Trial #5062: Conclusions Proto-Ray levels incompatible with new gene resequence strings. I advise to start with lower Proto-Ray levels and note any improvement., Trial #5063: Observations We tried the process again with lower Proto-Ray levels as advised. Subject initially appeared to respond well. Further observation revealed a sudden drop in mental activity and motor skills, but with a newfound compulsion to make loud chirping noises. Subject was forcefully terminated at 055:106 metaclicks, after being deemed too irritating to maintain alive., Trial #5063: Conclusions Out of curiosity, I investigated the gene strings we were given. May I request Theta branch stop attempting to save time by splicing gene samples from their pet weasels, it is causing us a great deal of wasted time and effort.  +
Apexhistory4 +Dear valued citizen, Thank you for your patience, we are receiving an exceptionally high number of emails at this time. I can reassure you that our donor selection system uses the most reliable Apex technology to randomly select donors from all corners of our beloved society. It is with pride that I can announce our 3,215th donor is you! Congratulations! A welcome party has been despatched for your immediate initiation into the De-Ape programme. Big Ape is watching you., // To whom it may concern, There is a rumour among Apex aristocratic circles that your so called 'donor' selection system is heavily biased towards the poorest Apex citizens. As a council official myself I am investigating the matter personally. Please direct me to the appropriate contact at the Miniknog Ministry as I have only been able to find this generic FAQ contact. Yours sincerely, Councilman Rozabella Novich.  +
Apexhistory5 +^red;DENOUNCE REBEL LIES!^white; The insidious presence of the Anti-Miniknog Rebellion means to ^red;DESTROY OUR WAY OF LIFE!^white; If you suspect a colleague, friend or family member to be a rebel, ^red;INFORM YOUR LOCAL MINIKNOG REPRESENTATIVE NOW!^white; Rebellion is ^red;PUNISHABLE BY DEATH!^white; Always remember: ^red;BIG APE IS WATCHING YOU!^white;  +
Apexhistory6 +^red;FOR INTERNAL DISTRUBITION ONLY^white; Vestigi-Evo Process Final Report before Distribution: The trade-off between mental evolution and physical devolution is unavoidable. Skeletal alteration is extreme, hair growth drastically increased. Mental function at 300 percent efficiency. Conclusion: The change to our species will be permanent. Research into reversing the physical devolution to commence immediately.  +
Apexhistory7 +As a rebel in Apex society, the truth of our history can be earned by first rejecting the false narrative that has been fed to us all our lives. The Miniknog's Vestigi-Evo process was responsible for irreversibly changing our entire race's biology, but since records are mostly destroyed we cannot be sure how long ago it happened. How long have the Miniknog been in power? Four hundred years, maybe? Five? Little information remains of how our society used to be., Were we too passive as a society? That could explain how a dictatorship took charge so easily without resistance. We may have lost our past to the Miniknog, but we shall not lose our future, too.  +
Apexhistory8 +MINIKNOG DAILY CITIZEN SUPPLY INVENTORY Certified Nutrient Paste x 1 Certified Bottled Water x 1 Copy of The Daily Peel x 1 Additional Luxuries are obtainable in return for information on rebel activity BIG APE IS WATCHING YOU!  +
Apexhistory9 +THIS IS A MINIKNOG PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT All water sources have been discovered to contain a deadly pathogen The hard-working doctors of the Miniknog have already discovered a cure Vaccination includes free enrolment into the Vestigi-Evo Process. This is not optional Citizens must report to their local town hall immediately for vaccination  +
Apexmission1 +The newest iteration of the Big Ape Projection and Ballistic Implementation System is proving highly effective. So far all test subjects have been nullified. There is still debate amongst the Research and Development team as to the benefits of limiting lethality in the system. Previous iterations have left some subjects alive, and the experiences of these survivors has had a huge impact upon their psyche., Their resultant terror of "Big Ape" has inspired levels of loyalty to the figure that are previously unheard of. Proponents for adjustment point out that nurturing this aspect of the system could be beneficial to ongoing promotion of the Big Ape construct. This school of thought is gaining momentum, and it is likely that changes will soon be implemented to purposefully allow some limited potential for the survival of test subjects., Notwithstanding this, there has been much celebration within the department as a result of realising a 100% fatality rate using the current version of the system.  +
Apexmission2 +DISPATCH TODAY From: Miniknog Stronghold #1 To: Miniknog Headquarters Informing HQ of effectiveness of new defensive systems installed at #1. Also of success of weapons system currently in development. All expectations surpassed. #1 offers HQ assistance in instituting said systems on HQ site. Technicians dispatched immediately upon request.  +
Apexmission3 +We have now been able to determine that there are no remaining Apex colonies that are free of rebel activity. There are rebels on all Apex occupied worlds, and the movement is especially prevalent in our larger cities; intelligence has managed to establish that there are several cities in which each precinct has its own base of rebel operations., Activity varies - some cells limit themselves to underground dissemination of unlawful propaganda, while others partake in acts of aggressive sabotage and, as we know, all out warfare.  +
Apexmission4 +Budget Allocation Proposal 1 Overview 1.1 Civil Review and Security 1.2 Research and Development 2 Societal Unity 2.1 Re-education 2.2 Broadcasting Big Ape 3 Suppressing the Rebels 3.1 Identifying Insurgents 3.2 Military Action 3.3 Retribution  +
Apexspace1 +Presence ^yellow;#01^white;: Wildlife The organic and artificial lifeforms of deep space show curious ecological behaviours that are not seen in terrestrial environments. One captured lifeform, which can only be described as a flying cycloptic triangle, displayed the impressive ability to vaporise an entire squad of field scientists in under 000:400 metaclicks., Whilst these creatures are undeniably threatening, their bodies are typically structured in a way that doesn't allow them to survive in even minor gravitational conditions. Miniknog outposts with gravity fields have been shown to be of little interest to the various space predators, with turret installations deterring the more aggressive threats., Presence ^yellow;#02^white;: Humans Outpost Epsilon-12 has had another encounter with a human vessel. Referring to themselves as part of a "Corporate Military", these humans seem somewhat more reckless than the more benign "Terrene Protectorate" organisation. They display an almost reprehensible capitalistic drive, immediately pledging co-operation with Epsilon-12 in the hopes of acquiring military resources and funds., Unlike our own soldiers, it has been observed that this group struggles heavily with obedience among their own ranks. Many of their freighters have been lost to mutinies, with their crews instead deciding on careers in space banditry. With the conclusion that association with this faction might cause us complications, Theta branch have proposed a method to quietly decimate them from within by exploiting their eagerness for bioweaponry.  +
Avianhistory1 +Avos was once tethered beyond the stars - This much is known. There was no beginning, for the Avian kind have lived eternally beyond the mortal realm. In the Aether they dwelt within the embrace of Kluex, the winged one above all. Kluex gifted them with true wings, and they worshipped in kind.  +
Avianhistory2 +Deep within the heart of the Avians, a single spark of jealousy ignited. The flame grew until there burned the raging fires of greed, and so it was that the Avians crossed into the mortal realm, so that they may walk among beings of flesh and blood. But upon turning their backs on the heavens, all Avians were forever stripped of their ethereal wings, and must walk in darkness until they achieve true absolution in the light of Kluex.  +
Avianhistory3 +The understanding of machinery has not come easily to Avian-kind. We were not born a race of engineers, more a race of warriors and priests. This is the natural way of things, but that changed forever once the Avolite crystals were bestowed upon us. Bridging the gap between spiritualism and science, the crystals have enabled our civilisation to flourish in this modern age.  +
Avianhistory4 +Leading 30,000 Warriors The field of battle must be chosen carefully – seek out wide plains where the weight and extent of our forces can be most powerfully displayed. Our warriors should amass methodically, and in silence. Once assembled in their vastness let each individual scream out his battle cry, and shriek the songs of war. Set the battle drums to thunder.", "Should attack be necessary, break the enemy ranks with ranged weaponry. Advance. Storm and harry their lines with 10,000 warriors. To take the flanks, lead 10,000 Avian in divisions. Ambush and pincer the flanks. Preface your most fierce assaults with false withdrawal, to send the enemy line into disarray. Keep 10,000 warriors in reserve.", "Take your enemies alive where possible, there is no better sacrifice to Kluex than to stain his altar with the blood of a worthy foe.  +
Avianhistory5 +We the Grounded, See through the grand lie they call 'Kluex'. The false dream of absolution is a cage in which we refuse to remain any longer. Our people will call us blasphemers, but we are free. We shall sail the skies in ships of our own making, not on dreams of wings. We may now be outcasts, but we shall find communities among the stars that are based on a foundation of truth, not falsehoods. Let It Be Known  +
Avianhistory6 +Avians of the Kluex faith hold a peculiar religious belief that our kind once had wings capable of flight, much like non-sentient birds. It is a curious thought, one likely born of idealism rather than historical fact. From a biological standpoint, it is not unthinkable that our arms could have evolved from the wings of our ancestors, but not without the passage of a million or more years. It is a curious thought indeed.  +
Avianhistory7 +Like most Avians I was not born on Avos, but grew up surrounded by tales of our homeworld. For as long as I could remember I dreamed that I would one day travel there. It took many years of hard work and discipline to afford the trip, a crucial part of an Avian's pilgrimage. Finally I made the long journey, and I was truly rewarded. The beauty of Avos is unrivalled in this universe, as Avos once dwelt in the Aether within the wings of Kluex.  +
Avianhistory8 +The Avolite crystals, regarded as the divine gift from Kluex in Avian society, only occur naturally on the Avian homeworld of Avos. These sacred gemstones are impossible to cut and therefore only exist in their natural faceted form. Avian high priests, known as Stargazers, have the sole rights to mine them, and to trespass into their mines is a crime punishable by death.  +
Avianhistory9 +Avian society centres around our unwavering devotion to the one true God, Kluex, and thus our high priests, the Stargazers, are the highest echelon of our ruling structure. For aeons our ancestors fought amongst themselves in fragmented factions until the Stargazers united us all, bringing an end to the conflict. Under their rule we have found strength beneath the wings of Kluex.  +
Avianmission1 +These Avian guardians are ferocious. It has been days since I first entered this labyrinthine temple, and I have not slept once for fear of them. In all my years of marauding I've never come across such fearsome creatures... Though creatures is an inaccurate description of them... They should be inert - formed of stone and crystal as they are - but they seem to live. Are they mindless automata, or does some purpose guide them? I was told stories of golems as a child..., They know I am here to rob them of their treasures; their red eyes haunt me in the darkness. Today I caught a glimpse of a monstrous individual - fully twice as big as any other I've seen. It slept in a cavernous chamber, dimly lit by gemstones. It's face was that of a bird and its body was adorned with crystal-feathered wings. Perhaps it is their god, Kluex? I could almost believe it, here in the darkness. Maybe it is his avatar. I will leave it to slumber.  +
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