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This is a property of type String.

It contains the title passed to both the infobox, codex list and reading window for codexes.

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'Project: De-Ape' Lab Report +'Project: De-Ape' Lab Report  +


10 Years On +10 Years On  +


A Culture of Beauty +A Culture of Beauty  +
A Departed Floran +A Departed Floran  +
A Desert Expedition +A Desert Expedition  +
A Greenfinger's Diary +A Greenfinger's Diary  +
A Guide To Colony Construction +A Guide To Colony Construction  +
A History of Space Travel +A History of Space Travel  +
A Nice Day Out +A Nice Day Out  +
A Pilgrimage to Avos +A Pilgrimage to Avos  +
A Plea to Self-Aware Glitch +A Plea to Self-Aware Glitch  +
A Slight Misunderstanding +A Slight Misunderstanding  +
A Treatise on the Floran +A Treatise on the Floran  +
A United Earth +A United Earth  +
About The Terrene Protectorate +About The Terrene Protectorate  +
AgaranhuntCodex +The Agaran Menace  +
Ancientalphabet +The Ancient Alphabet  +
AncientprayerCodex +Reading material  +
Apex Ration Book +Apex Ration Book  +
Apex: An Identity Lost +Apex: An Identity Lost  +
Apexhistory1 +The Superior Species  +
Apexhistory10 +Rebel Dispatch  +
Apexhistory2 +10 Years On  +
Apexhistory3 +'Project: De-Ape' Lab Report  +
Apexhistory4 +RE: Selection bias!  +
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