A Greenfinger's Diary

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A Greenfinger's Diary
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The diary of a Greenfinger depicting daily life in a Floran tribe.
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A Greenfinger's Diary is a codex found in Floran Hut and Treetop villages.


A Greenfinger's Diary

Continuing work on the new teleporter today. Hoping to get it finished by sundown, if I can avoid interruptions.

Old Bell's still up in arms about Aurada's latest wall painting spree, but it's hard for me to admonish Aurada for what is essentially joyous enthusiasm.

Nobody else minds the paintings... Sometimes you just have to accept that you can't please everyone.

Anyway, at least the work on the teleporter is going well.

There's threadroots throughout already, and I'm getting a lot of feedback from the root hairs.

I also sent a bunch of stem tendrils up into the roof casing yesterday, and I've got that element completely figured out now.

As usual it's complex but clear.

It's such a satisfying feeling - that path from initial investigation to full comprehension; guiding a plant to inspect these seemingly inimical mechanisms; finding common ground, cultivating understanding...

I enjoy helping the other Floran and offering them guidance, I'm proud that that's my purpose, but it's this work, this gift, that makes me feel whole.


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