RE: Selection bias!

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RE: Selection bias!
RE Selection bias.png
A backup of a Miniknog email correspondence.
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RE: Selection bias! is a codex found in Apex Miniknog Bases.


RE: Selection bias!

Dear valued citizen,

Thank you for your patience, we are receiving an exceptionally high number of emails at this time. I can reassure you that our donor selection system uses the most reliable Apex technology to randomly select donors from all corners of our beloved society. It is with pride that I can announce our 3,215th donor is you! Congratulations! A welcome party has been despatched for your immediate initiation into the De-Ape programme. Big Ape is watching you.

// To whom it may concern,

There is a rumour among Apex aristocratic circles that your so called 'donor' selection system is heavily biased towards the poorest Apex citizens. As a council official myself I am investigating the matter personally. Please direct me to the appropriate contact at the Miniknog Ministry as I have only been able to find this generic FAQ contact.

Yours sincerely, Councilman Rozabella Novich.


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