How I Became A Landlord 6

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How I Became A Landlord 6
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The journal of an explorer who became a landlord.
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How I Became A Landlord 6 is a codex found in Human Campsites.


How I Became A Landlord 6

After some time, Ambiri began asking me for favours. It started small, growing the odd vegetable and cooking dishes occasionally. I was happy to oblige, and even built a small farm next to the house for convenience.

I very much enjoyed those warm autumn evenings we shared on the veranda by a crackling campfire. One evening, Ambiri announced that he would like to join me on my adventures and see the universe for himself.

I was surprised, as he had shown no prior interest in leaving the planet he had come to call home. It must have been all the exciting tales I told every time I came to collect the rent and check up on the leafy little guy.

I'd grown fond of him, so I accepted his offer. He's been a medic on my ship ever since, even coming into the field with me from time to time. He still gets sick when he uses a teleporter, but we're working on that.


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