The Would-Be King Part 5

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The Would-Be King Part 5
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A Glitch folk tale.
common Pixels-Sell.png 25

The Would-Be King is a Glitch codex which has a chance to found in Penguin Ships. It's written in six parts.


The Would-Be King Part 5

The army paraded past on floats, towed by several dozen Glitch labourers and a Floran who'd decided to join in unannounced.

Dreadwing sat atop his iron throne, brought outside into the city, and applauded each and every unit.

"Suspicious. They stand very still." he remarked, to which his aides replied "Reassuring. Yes, your highness. Your soldiers are very disciplined."

As the last float made its way down the street, the entire crowd gasped - one of the soldiers leapt from its stand and charged towards Dreadwing!

Most surprised of all were the blacksmiths, who knew full well that their 'soldiers' were little more than decorative shells. Dreadwing, however, thought it was all part of the show.



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