Florans in the Mist

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Florans in the Mist
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An excerpt from the journal of a human scientist observing a Floran tribe.
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Florans in the Mist is a codex found in Floran Canyons.


Florans in the Mist

For a human scientist like myself, every day among the Floran is a fascinating experience.

I have spent several months now observing a typical colony of the plant-like race and have made countless groundbreaking observations.

The common opinion is that Floran are inherently savage or evil, but from my experiences I can concede that they merely lack understanding.

They simply cannot empathise with flesh-based races in the same way you or I may not empathise with a blade of grass.

To the Floran, the game of the hunt doesn't hurt anyone - At least, not on any level that they can comprehend.

There is a powerful kinship among a tribe - Floran are asexual beings and consider a whole settlement to be a single family unit.

I believe it is not entirely futile to educate them - I even managed to explain to some of them how I am sentient, just as they are.

Small steps, but there's hope for them yet! I just wonder why I am the first to make these discoveries - Maybe others were simply not as cautious about their own survival.

Tomorrow I shall attempt to obtain a cutting specimen from a Floran who has been particularly friendly so far! Wish me luck!


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