'Project: De-Ape' Lab Report

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'Project: De-Ape' Lab Report
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An excerpt from a classified Miniknog lab report.
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'Project: De-Ape' Lab Report is a codex found in Apex Miniknog Bases.


'Project: De-Ape' Lab Report

Trial #5062: Observations

Theta branch sent over their new batch of gene re-sequence strings, so we eagerly put them to the test on subject #5062.

We were hoping that the new Proto-Ray level adjustments we made after Trials #5032-5039 might yield improved results, but #5062 unfortunately expired 002:000 metaclicks into the process, suffering from surprising cranial displacement. Fascinating to observe.

Trial #5062: Conclusions

Proto-Ray levels incompatible with new gene resequence strings. I advise to start with lower Proto-Ray levels and note any improvement.

Trial #5063: Observations

We tried the process again with lower Proto-Ray levels as advised. Subject initially appeared to respond well. Further observation revealed a sudden drop in mental activity and motor skills, but with a newfound compulsion to make loud chirping noises.

Subject was forcefully terminated at 055:106 metaclicks, after being deemed too irritating to maintain alive.

Trial #5063: Conclusions

Out of curiosity, I investigated the gene strings we were given. May I request Theta branch stop attempting to save time by splicing gene samples from their pet weasels, it is causing us a great deal of wasted time and effort.


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