In Defence of Our Race

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In Defence of Our Race
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A Hylotl scholar's musings on counter-culture within Hylotl society.
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In Defence of Our Race is a Hylotl codex found in Hylotl Villages and underwater cities.


In Defence of Our Race

The Hylotl race has sometimes been accused of homogeny, as if in lacking a significant counter-culture we are somehow deficient. To these accusers I say, "Observe the devout Avian and his Grounded brother; regard the rebel Apex as he encounters a Miniknog official."

Our culture is vivid, our thinking enlightened; we lack nothing but hostility. In truth, this congenial tranquillity is our greatest strength.


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem hylotlhistory7-codex
File Name hylotlhistory7.codex
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