Built for Purpose? II

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Built for Purpose? II
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An excerpt from a book investigating the origin of the Glitch.
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Built for Purpose? II is a codex found in Glitch Villages.


Built for Purpose? II

If we are indeed lab rats that scurry beneath the microscope of higher beings, I must consider the parameters of such an endeavour.

On inspecting other beings I have found technology and society to thrive not at the hands of the many, but of the few. Those few members to whom genius comes without provocation. I believe the Glitch are programmed to be incapable of creative genius and thus our ability to evolve as a species is stagnant.

Perhaps our creator intended to deliver those ideas to us at a controlled rate, but our creator has long fallen silent. Glitch salvation lies outside the 1s and 0s that construct our programmers prison. We must break free of our programming.


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem glitchhistory3-codex
File Name glitchhistory3.codex
File Path assets\codex\glitch