How I Became A Landlord 3

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How I Became A Landlord 3
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The journal of an explorer who became a landlord.
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How I Became A Landlord 3 is a codex found in Human Campsites.


How I Became A Landlord 3

I'd met a Frogg merchant who'd set up shop on the Outpost selling furniture, he'd told me to come back to him if I ever wanted to try my hand at intergalactic real estate. So I planted a flag and hopped over there in my ship to see him.

He sold me a "Colony Deed" and told me to place it on the wall. Provided the house was well lit, furnished and structurally sound, an ad would be sent out and a suitable tenant would immediately take up residence.

I was sceptical at first, but sure enough after filling the shack with furniture I'd looted from a Floran village (what can I say, I'm a sucker for the sticks 'n' bones aesthetic) I placed the deed on the wall and a complete stranger beamed right to where I was standing.

And so began my long and arduous relationship with the Floran known as Ambiri.


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