Nox's Journal

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Nox's Journal
Nox's Journal.png
The private journal of the Occasus cult leader.
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Nox's Journal is a codex found in the Grand Pagoda Library mission.


Nox's Journal

The universe is ours by rights, it belongs to the humans - the Occasus members might not understand much, but at least they grasp that.

They exalt in their supremacist rhetoric and scamper around spreading their hate, but they just can't fathom the genesis of what's happening here.

Still, better an army of morons than no army at all.

Esther would understand, if she could only see past her flawed imaginings. People have a way of letting their own agendas blind them.

She's an addled fool; obsessed with unity and harmony, and completely unable to see what's right in front of her. She'll learn - my old teacher will learn. She's an icetip bug in the path of an avalanche.


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem hylotlmission1-codex
File Name hylotlmission1.codex
File Path assets\codex\missions\hylotl mission