Humanity's Redemption

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Humanity's Redemption
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An account of Earth's history, written when the Terrene Protectorate was formed.
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Humanity's Redemption is a codex found in Human Campsites.


Humanity's Redemption

In order to appreciate how far humanity has come, one must take a journey through our history.

The desire to discover, pioneer, and prosper has always been our strength, and was a common value amongst the diverse populace of Earth.

This passion often erupted into conflict when confined to our tiny planet, blinded by greed we stripped Earth bare of its finite resources.

Although the tapestry of our past is stained with bloodshed, in times of strife, ingenuity is humanity's saving grace.

As our technology improved we were able to travel further into space, and in time we encountered other sentient life and plentiful resources. We were forever changed, enlightened by these discoveries.

We became united in our goal to establish the Terrene Protectorate here on Earth as a bastion of peace and acceptance for all throughout the universe.


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