We Who Survive

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We Who Survive
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Historical writings on how the Hylotl race rebuilt after Floran attack.
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We Who Survive is a Hylotl codex found in Hylotl Villages.


We Who Survive

Our innate sense of harmony with the universe is a well from which all Hylotl draw strength and inspiration. Even in our darkest hour, Hylotl craftsmanship remained unmatched in form and function. A thriving civilisation was reborn from the depths of the ocean.

Spiralling citadels now boast towering palaces with bountiful gardens, great domed emporiums of trade and entertainment, and at the heart of each an immense library.

This time around, a thread of forethought was woven into our modern culture - to protect and defend our way of life with honour and grace.

A Hylotl warrior is like the ocean, serene unless enraged when, at once, they become a tsunami.


File Details

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